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Double ‘ooooooh’ seven – rare condition leaves stroke patient orgasmic after 007 music

A man believed to be only the second man to ever from synesthesia which leaves him a little shaken and stirred after listening to the James Bond theme music.

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Double ‘ooooooh’ seven – rare condition leaves stroke patient orgasmic after 007 music

A man believed to be only the second man to ever from synesthesia which leaves him a little shaken and stirred after listening to the James Bond theme music.

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 7

All LeBron James’s succesful shots from Game 7 in one brilliant GIF

The sight of a dozen LeBrons all scoring at once is very cool indeed.


Now that’s what we call a debut; some great films from first-time directors

Ahead of Jameson’s showing of John Crowley’s class debut Intermission next week, here’s a few more epic acts of first-time helming.

Premiere Of FilmDistrict's "Dead Man Down" - Red Carpet

Colin Farrell’s best roles

He’s been on our screens for so long that it seems like he was always there, but the boy from Castleknock has come a long way since Ballykissangel. Here are a few of his most memorable roles.

Michael Fassbender

Best Leading Irish Men

Over the years Irish men have become unlikely sex symbols to folk across the water there in Hollywood.


Top 5 Cult Flicks

It’s difficult to really get a grasp on what a cult film is, but for us it’s a noteworthy production that you just cant but help want to revisit again and again. There are some absolute belters on this list, and everyone of them stands the test of multiple viewings.


Cult Classic: Con Air

What better way to spend an evening than marveling at Nicolas Cage’s acting skills in a movie about convicts taking over a plane? Con Air has everything you need – action, one-liners and a star studded cast.


Cult Classic: Labyrinth

David Bowie all dressed up in leggings with big hair, and a 16 year old Jennifer Connelly playing mind games around a maze – cracking stuff is Labyrinth.


Cult Classic: Almost Famous

A movie about a teenage boy getting to write for Rolling Stone Magazine, hang out with rock stars and groupies – what’s not to like?


The Cult Classic: Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan Gosling seems to have it all – looks, body, hair and hot leading ladies. But how did he get here?


The Cult Classic: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Before they signed up to work on Iron Man 3 together, Robert Downey Jr. and Shane Black made a belter of a flick.


Cult Classic: Friday Night Lights

We’re generally not big sports movie people in Ireland; Well, American sports anyway. Those types of flicks just never really seem to travel particularly well. Friday Night Lights is a different kind of beast


Cult Classic: Hot Tub Time Machine

The funniest comedy about hot tubs that are also time machines ever made.


Cult Classic: Snatch

Slick, cheeky and with an endless supply of memorable quotes, Snatch proved to be Guy Ritchie’s last hurrah before the disastrous ‘Madonna’ years.


Cult Classic: Hot Rod

With man of the moment Channing Tatum set to star in an Evel Knievel biopic, we decided to revisit a hapless movie daredevil instead.


Cult Classic: Three Kings

One of the least heroic movies made with the backdrop of a real-life war, Three Kings is subversive, surprising and a huge amount of fun.


Cult Classic: Arlington Road

It was released the same year as The Sixth Sense yet even Bruce Willis’ chiller has competition for one of the best movie twists of all time.


Cult Classic: The Silence of the Lambs

Sure we’ve all placed lasagne on our faces and affected a Hannibal Lector accent at one point or another yet over 20 years on, The Silence of the Lambs has lost none of its power.


Cult Classic: From Dusk Till Dawn

Featuring Salma Hayek, vampires and George Clooney in one of his most unhinged roles, From Dusk Till Dawn is a delight that deserved to be sampled once more.


Cult Classic: The Usual Suspects

Forget The Sixth Sense or The Crying Game; if you want a film with a third act to blow your socks off, there’s still no competition for The Usual Suspects.


Cult Classic: Trainspotting

Lauded as one of the greatest British movies of all time, Trainspotting still feels timeless and utterly infectious sixteen years on.


Cult Classic: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

With Bill & Ted apparently gearing up for a third installment, we decided to revisit one of the guiltiest pleasures of the late 1980s – the duo’s “Excellent Adventure”.


Cult Classic: The Blair Witch Project

If you go down to the woods today, you’re probably not in for a big surprise – unless you have an undiscovered allergy to pollen. However, three actors’ trip gave audiences the fright of their lives in 1999.


Cult Classic: Event Horizon

Forget about The Matrix; what about Laurence Fishburne’s other sci-fi classic – the underwatched and underrated Event Horizon?


Cult Classic: Glengarry Glen Ross

As Glengarry Glen Ross hits the stage in Dublin this week, we thought it best to revisit the 1992 cult classic of the same name.


Cult Classic: Napoleon Dynamite

With llamas, liger and the most listless teenager you’ve ever met, was Napoleon Dynamite one of the most curious pop culture phenomenons of the past decade?


Cult Classic: Elite Squad

When the news was announced that director Jose Padilha was to return a RoboCop reboot, fans were puzzled, yet he already has created a cult classic of his own.


Cult Classic: A History of Violence

A dizzyingly explosive and brutal watch, A History of Violence was criminally underwatched at its time of release yet thankfully it has became a cult classic in the passing years.


Cult Classic: Zoolander

After introducing us to a world of “walk-offs”, eugoogoolisers and Mer-men, the least we do was to reward Zoolander a spot as one of our cult classic picks.


Cult Classic: Vanilla Sky

If you ever need a signifier of Tom Cruise’s star power, all you need to do is wonder how he managed to make Cameron Crowe curiosity Vanilla Sky cross $203 million worldwide.


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The Championship

Video: Superman is on his way to Croke Park and he’s supporting Donegal (Sort of)
Club Atletico de Madrid v Real Club Celta de Vigo -La Giga


Vine: Pablo Hernandez scored an absolutely outrageous no-look back-heel against Atletico Madrid this evening
Newcastle United v Hull City - Premier League


Vine: Boom! Hull’s Nikica Jelavic scores a rocket of a scissors-kick against Newcastle
West Ham United v Liverpool - Premier League


Pic: Mario Balotelli had to perform some leap to get out of the way of Raheem Sterling’s goal this evening
Father Ted

The Championship

Pic: This Donegal fan is planning on bringing a Father Ted inspired banner to Croker on Sunday

The Championship

Pic: Comedian Kevin Bridges is behind Donegal all the way today
Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final


There is an ‘Angry Di Maria’ Twitter account and it’s flippin’ marvellous


Pic: Paddy Power have unveiled a brilliant ‘Jim The Redeemer’ statue outside Croke Park
Chelsea v Swansea City - Premier League


Scorecast Away!: Costa to leave City feeling the blues

The Fitness Expert

Andy Cullen’s True Strength training plan: Nutrition

Home News

So, one person from Ireland has just won €86.7 million…
Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League


JOE v Ladbrokes v the JOE readers in the Ladbrokes Treble challenge
UFC Fight Night Media Session


Vine: Get a load of this vicious uppercut KO from the UFC in Japan last night


Move over Eva Carneiro, there’s a new sexy physio in town. Or is there?
Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 07.27.49


Video: Here’s a behind the scenes look at making an Irish porno with ‘Johnny Hammer’
Gigi Taguri

Health Features

Ask a doctor; Sexual health questions answered


GAA proposes new black card for fouls


Video: Emile Heskey proves that he can, in fact, hit a cow’s arse with a banjo
dromintee cross jeans


Listen to what Crossmaglen’s John McEntee had to say about last night’s fiasco at the Athletic Grounds
Robbie Henshaw and Jimmy Gopperth 19/9/2014


Pics: Check out the spectacular collision between Robbie Henshaw and Jimmy Gopperth last night


Video: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith are back drumming but now with members of Pearl Jam and Guns N’ Roses
Apple Unveils iPhone 6


Bono was interviewed about U2′s new album by Dave Fanning and it’s a must listen for fans
Joe Brolly 22/3/2013


Vine: Joe Brolly was either really excited or crushingly disappointed with Kieran Donaghy’s goal
Club Atletico de Madrid v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League Semi Final

Premier League

Video: Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho’s interviews after the midfielder scored against his old club are great
A general view of Croke Park 9/8/2014


Vine: The final moments of the All-Ireland final were absolutely electric

Premier League

Vine: Frank Lampard returns to haunt Chelsea with this goal for Man City
Sam Maguire generic


Here is how Twitter reacted to Kerry winning the All-Ireland Final
Kieran Donaghy celebrates scoring a goal with James OÕDonoghue 21/9/2014

The Championship

Video: Kieran Donaghy sticks it to Joe Brolly after Kerry’s All-Ireland win
A general view of Croke Park 9/8/2014

The Championship

Pic: A spectacular shot of the Irish Air Corps flying over Croke Park this afternoon
Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Premier League

Tweet of the day

Mario Balotelli really enjoyed Manchester United’s collapse against Leicester City


Vine: Should Leicester have been given a penalty for this challenge by Rafael on Jamie Vardy?
Chelsea v Swansea City - Premier League


Scorecast Away!: Costa to leave City feeling the blues


The Sunday Sessions: Stephanie Rainey performs brand new track ‘All For You’
Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League


Vine: Angel di Maria’s lobbed finish against Leicester City was just divine

The Championship

Pic: Comedian Kevin Bridges is behind Donegal all the way today


Video: The longest goal in the history of the Bundesliga was scored yesterday

Home News

Pic: A cow was rescued by a lifeboat after it fell off a cliff in Dunmore East yesterday


Video: This eejit decided to put a new iPhone 6 Plus into a blender with inevitably destructive results
Swansea City v Southampton - Premier League


Vine: Look at the face on Wilfried Bony before going into this tackle on Maya Yoshida yesterday
Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Art Auction Benefit

TV & Radio

Colin Farrell confirms role in Season Two of True Detective
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