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Sunset Para

Get your Ibiza adrenalin rush with these must do activities before you leave

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Looking for a venue to watch the match? Sam’s Bar on Dublin’s Dawson Street is the perfect place

We are always on the look out for nice new places to visit when we feel it’s time to let the hair down, put work to one side and just chill out. We cast our net far and wide and sometimes, we are happy to say, we are successful!

Available from Weir & Sons the Tissot Visodate is a nostalgic yet contemporary timepiece €455

JOE’s Choice: Weir and Sons gifts

If any of you lovely people out there want to buy us anything for keeping you entertained all year, please work off this list of class stuff from Weir and Sons.

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.12.27

Pic: Check out the mother of all Swiss Army Knives

You call that a knife? THIS is a knife… and a saw, and scissors, and there’s even a gun too.


Video: Some DIY jobs are best left to the professionals…

Some people like to tackle rather difficulty DIY jobs thinking they’ll save a few quid in the long run, but they quickly regret their expensive decisions, like these lads.


Video: Forget flying skateboards, here is a real flying-bicycle

One of the coolest creations that man has thought of, but never actually invented, has got to be the hover skateboard from Back To The Future. While the hover-skateboard is just a half-pipe dream (for now), this hover-bike is the real deal…


Fry in, Lie in, the Denny guide to the perfect Sunday morning

Sunday is the day that we all need to just sit down and recover for a few hours in the morning and there’s no better way to do that than with a fry up and a lie in.


Video: Hero dog pushes wheelchair-bound owner through flooded street

It could just be a trick of the camera that makes it look as if this dog is pushing owner through a flooded street, but either way he’s deserving of mad props for even trying it in the first place.

colin murphy

Now Is A Good Time… to laugh

Today’s Bulmers daily laugh is provided by Belfast-born comedian Colin Murphy.


Now is a good time… to laugh – Jimeoin

Today’s Bulmers daily laugh is provided by Australirishan comedian, Jimeoin. And yes, Australirishan is a


Video: The dangers of working with metal sheets in high winds

High winds can make any form of outdoor manual labour hazardous, but it gets really freaky when there are metal sheets flying around the place at frightening speeds.


Video: DIY enthusiast spends four years building giant six-legged robot

A prop designer over in the UK has finally finished off a giant six-legged mechanical robot after four years and thousands of hard earned pounds… We’re sure the wife is delighted.


JOE’s 15-minute DIY: Cleaning paint brushes on the cheap

There are many ways to clean your paint brushes on the cheap by using what’s already lying around the house and better yet, it only takes fifteen minutes.


Video: Russian lads crash DIY trike on maiden voyage

This group of Russian lads decided to make a homemade trike to pass the time, but like most amateur made automobiles, it didn’t last very long…


Picture: Would you like to see a Daewoo Matiz made into a Batmobile?

A retired mechanic has used his skills to make a Daewoo Matiz into a replica of the car from the 1960s Batman TV show


Video: Steve-O from Jackass tells us about his DIY nose job… ouch

Steve-O from Jackass is always getting himself into nasty situations, like the time he broke his nose jumping into Mike Tyson’s fist. Here’s the man himself to tell all…


NASA scientist develops hydroponic system for Mars, sells it to DIY marijuana growers

Talk about going higher than any astronaut has ever gone before…


Video: Bloke shows off his DIY skills with a homemade Taser-sword

A sword and a Taser are both pretty dangerous weapons in their own right, so we can only imagine the danger that bolting them together could cause.


Gallery: Hot chicks and power tools… what more could you want?

We decided to put two of our favourite things together; power tools and hot chicks – inexplicably, holding said power tools. You’re welcome…


JOE’s 15-minute DIY: Remodelling your radiator

There are plenty of jobs around the house that you can complete in 15 minutes or less, like stripping and repainting the radiator. Here’s how.


JOE’s daily energy saving tips: Day 14

Today’s energy-conservation tip is one sure-fire way to reduce the energy costs in your home is to upgrade any old doors and windows. Here’s why…


Get dressed for winter work with Caulfields

You do not need to be a meteorologist to realise it’s getting pretty cold and wet, even for November. JOE is at hand to make sure you cost-effectively brave the elements.


Get tooled up at Caulfields Week 1: Makita 18V combi drill

There are just two things you need to know about drills, where to buy the right type and how to use it. JOE will kindly help you with part one.


British student creates cool iPhone keyboard with piece of paper

With the help of a piece of paper, the iPhone’s built in accelerometer and some nifty computer software, this student created a ‘virtual’ iPhone keyboard…


Ten Tips To… changing a water tap

There are few things worse than a dripping tap. Here’s our guide to solving that head-wrecking problem.


How to seal a bath

Sick of the black spots in the bathroom? Lets get sealing that bath


Wising up to the dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Next week kicks of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week here in Ireland, which aims to raise awareness to the real dangers of carbon monoxide. It’s called the silent killer for a reason you know…


Review: Electric Ireland’s Appliance Calculator App

This week we’ve decided to download the free Electric Ireland Appliance Calculator App to see if it really can make a difference to our energy consumption.


WIN!! Let Littlewoods Ireland Up Your Game! Find out more


Home News

Video: Irish lad on J1 in LA invades pitch after Man United/LA Galaxy game, shakes Reece James’ hand, gets smashed by stewards


Vine: Northern Ireland player target of vicious kick to the head as violence breaks out in Milk Cup clash with Mexico
AS Roma v Indonesia U23 - Friendly Match


He’s so lonely: Some of the best Ashley Cole memes after his apparent ‘isolation’ from new Roma teamates
Conor McGregor


Video: Conor McGregor performs a double rope climb like an absolute beast
Roof Jump


Video: This guy made heart-stopping jump off a five-storey building into a swimming pool
Kimmel haircut


Video: Fella from Offaly gets his haircut live on Jimmy Kimmel


Video: 17-year old sells three players a dummy and scores a cracking goal in the Mayo Senior Championship


Pic: This Spanish side’s tuxedo jersey looked even more amazing in its first team photo last night

US Sports

Video: This 13-year-old Romanian basketball player is 7’4 and attracting attention from the NBA
Ryanair End Of Year Results

Home News

Michael O’Leary’s wages last year were pretty sweet
Monster meal


America’s most unhealthy restaurant meal has been revealed and it is an absolute monster of a feed
General view of Pairc Ui Chaoimh 13/7/2014


Pic: Enniscrone GAA club in Sligo have the best VIP seats bar none in Ireland
Tony McCoy celebrates 31/7/2014


Five winners saw one Meath punter turn €8.20 into nearly €83,000 at the Galway Races today
International Champions Cup 2014 - Manchester City v Liverpool


Video: All the goals from Liverpool’s penalty shootout victory over Manchester City last night

World Affairs

Video: Terrifying time-lapse shows the destruction of Gaza neighbourhood in just one hour
U.S. Gas Prices Reach 13-Month High

Pic of the day

Shopping list on a ten euro note handed in to a Sligo filling station reveals a night of fun was on the cards


Gallery: Boys in their hoods can look cool too you know
burrito generic

Home News

Pics: Mexican stand off; Just look at the amount of people queueing up for a free burrito in Dublin


Video: Ex-Real Madrid striker hits one of the worst misses that you will ever see
Tensions Remain High At Israeli Gaza Border

World Affairs

Pic: The Guardian’s front page on Gaza this morning is incredibly powerful
143rd Open Championship - Round Four


Dustin Johnson to take a break from golf to ‘get help for personal challenges’
Fulham v Crystal Palace - Premier League


Premier League previews – Crystal Palace


Pic: Holy sh*t; this driver had a lucky escape when an axe flew into her windscreen
Kaleidoscopic Vision Of A Car: Audi R8 Seen By Karl Lagerfeld


Switch on, Drive off: Classic motoring tunes for the drive home
domhnall gleeson


Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson joins Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in The Revenant
Stopping Lionel Messi in 2010


Gallery: Farewell Richard; Irish legend Dunne’s international career in pictures
Meg Ryan Sally


Happy Orgasm Day everyone! Here are JOE’s Top 10 ‘enjoyable’ moments from film and TV


Video: JOE caught up with Dara Ó Briain at the Vodafone Comedy Festival
Tony McCoy celebrates 31/7/2014


Five winners saw one Meath punter turn €8.20 into nearly €83,000 at the Galway Races today
Monster meal


America’s most unhealthy restaurant meal has been revealed and it is an absolute monster of a feed
Aaron Paul

TV & Radio

Video: JOE gets an exclusive look at the trailer for Aaron Paul’s new animated comedy
Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 18.22.08

Start Ups

Worried your start-up idea might fail? Check out this excellent TEDx Talk by Dr Niamh Shaw

World Affairs

Report: Giraffe killed after hitting head on bridge while being transported in truck


Gallery: Ten of the coolest water-slide locations in the world
The Rover


Competition: Win tickets to an exclusive preview screening of apocalyptic thriller The Rover
Simon Zebo 7/10/2013


Simon Zebo tells JOE about his return to the Ireland set up, his injury-prone feet and the new management at Munster

Food & Drink

Irish pub offers ‘buy one, get one free’ with civil servant I.D.
Kings Of Leon "Mechanical Bull" Tour - Atlanta, GA

TV & Radio

The best tweets from Sean Moncrieff’s #misheardlyrics on Twitter
Andrew Watson new car


Co. Tyrone racing driver named British Racing Drivers’ Club ‘Rising Star’
Sunset Para


Get your Ibiza adrenalin rush with these must do activities before you leave
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