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DIY boat race is one like no other

by @OisinCollins
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DIY boat race is one like no other

We all know about the famous annual English boat race between Oxford and Cambridge. Well, it looks like the Philippines want's in on the action, just in a slightly different way.

Making things yourself seems to be all the rage these days. Whether it’s your own pair of DIY dream goggles, or even your very own online game, everyone wants to do-it-themselves. That’s also how some locals in the Philippines felt when they decided to raise awareness about recycling by making their very own boats out of rubbish. Naturally, a race came next.

The ‘rowers’ of the recycling boat race use plastic bottles, PVC piping and Styrofoam bottles to keep afloat and according to one race director the rowers can take their boats home and reuse them. Seems like a novel idea.

Colombia Recycled Regatta Race director, Thumbie Remigio, said, “'By learning this craft, they no longer need to buy boats. They can build a boat in their backyard, especially when there's a nearby river or floods,” reports Sky.

With the way Irish weather is currently going (even it doesn’t know what’s coming next) building your very own boat out of reusable waste doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

You never know, it might come in handy in the next big flood. Than again, it could fall to pieces as soon as it gets wet.



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