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Pic of the Day: Where not to build a giant unionist bonfire

by @JOEdotie
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Pic of the Day: Where not to build a giant unionist bonfire

The Unionists up north are getting giddy with excitement as the 12th of July approaches. While that mostly means countless parades, it also means the biggest bloody bonfires you've ever seen.

While everyone likes a good old bonfire, these things are on a scale surely unknown outside Northern Ireland. Several dozen feet high and constructed entirely of wooden pallets, they'll go up like a roman candle.

That's all well and good, once you build them far enough away from houses and other buildings - something someone should have told these boys. I wouldn't like to be the owner of that house (above) when its new neighbour is set alight.

We were wondering how they built them so high without a cherrypicker. Here's another pic which shows just how it's done. These lads were obviously out the day Health & Safety was covered.

Just your average 12th of July bonfire in Belfast

Images: @aunidan64



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