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Killorglin Shore: The Healy-Raes are getting a reality TV show

by @AdrianCTweets
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Killorglin Shore: The Healy-Raes are getting a reality TV show

Holy Healy Rae-ality Batman, the Healy-Raes are doing a reality TV show

TV3 launched their autumn schedule today with the bombshell that we're all about to become a bit more familiar with Ireland's most interesting political family, the Healy-Raes.

At Home with the Healy-Raes will follow the Kerry family around their home town in a fly on the wall series that gives us a look at what Michael, Jackie and son Danny are up to day to day.

According to RTE, the show will feature presenter Ciara Doherty getting up close and personal with them, and we can look forward to plenty of great material according to the description of the show that TV3 gave, whether that's "sharing Michael’s passion for shooting, watching Jackie enjoy his retirement, or pulling pints in the family pub with Danny, there’s never a dull moment with the Healy Rae family".

We are disappointed that our suggestions for alternative titles Keeping up with the Kerry-dashians, Killorglin Shore and Rae-watch were shouted down at the press club. We realise they're not from Killorglin, but it works for the purpose of the pun.



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