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Video: A sneak preview of the return of Irish Pictorial Weekly tomorrow night

by @conorheneghan1
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Starring Daithi Ó Sé and Marty Morrissey as you’ve never seen, or at least heard, them before.

Fans of Irish Pictorial Weekly will be glad to know that the show returns to our screens tomorrow night for another run, promising plenty of laughs from some of the finest acting and writing talents in Irish comedy such as Barry Murphy, Gary Cooke, Paul Howard, John Colleary and Tara Flynn.

RTE have released a brief snippet of the type of humour we can expect from the upcoming series, starring Daithi O’Sé and Marty Morrissey on the set of the Today Show having a conversation that you might genuinely think is real if it weren’t for the fact that it was quite obviously dubbed over quite amusingly.

If they can produce the type of quality they have in the past, then the new series of Irish Pictorial Weekly should be one to really look forward to, especially if they come up with more gems like this…

Video via YouTube/RTE Republic of Comedy



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