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Video: Ousted X Factor USA contestant cries like a little girl (because she actually is one)

by @JOEdotie
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Granted, that's because she actually IS a little girl. Unlike its UK counterpart, singers in the US version of the X Factor can be as young as 13 - probably a bad idea.

A favourite since the start of the competition, 13-year-old Rachel Crow found herself in the bottom two of the competition on Thursday night and could have been spared by judge Nicole Scherzinger.

However, the former Pussycat Dolls singer opted to save singer Marcus Canty and take the show to 'Deadlock' - where Welsh host Steve Jones read out the identity of the losing contestant, who had received the lowest of votes and would be leaving the stage. That's when a previously confident and poised Rachel completely lost it on live TV.

Falling to the ground and throwing the kind of tantrum you can expect in any busy toy store this weekend, the youngster bawled her eyes and bizarrely enough, got heated with her adopted mother, sternly telling her: "You promised me Mommy... you promised!"

An absolutely inconsolable Nicole could be seen burying her hands in her face after surveying the consequences of her decision, while we at JOE simply revelled in the over-the-top reactions that were sorely missed this year's decidely disappointing UK version.

Is the above clip cruel? Probably, but it's damn good TV all the same.




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