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Video: Robbie Keane meeting awestruck young fan Domhnall was the highlight of the Late Late Toy Show last night

by @conorheneghan1
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Love or hate the Late Late Toy Show, Robbie Keane’s meeting with awestruck young fan Domhnall last night would have put a smile on the most cynical of faces.

The Ireland captain underwent surgery on a troublesome Achilles injury earlier this week and with a bit of time on his hands, he was able to pop in on the Late Late Toy Show last night.

Ryan Tubridy, of course, would have known full well he was coming but one man who didn’t was young Domhnall, who spent a good minute before Robbie’s arrival waxing lyrical about the LA Galaxy man whilst playing a game of FIFA ’14.

When Robbie did arrive, Domhnall’s reaction was absolutely priceless and the subsequent exchange between them was the highlight of the night and enough to warm the heart of everyone watching, even, as we said, the most cynical members of the viewing public.

As was pointed out in a meme that did the rounds of the Internet last night, however, Domhnall wasn’t all that innocent…



Video via YouTube/RTE



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