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Vince Gilligan reveals the unresolved Breaking Bad plot holes he regrets most

by @OisinCollins
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Vince Gilligan reveals the unresolved Breaking Bad plot holes he regrets most

Some interesting Breaking Bad facts were revealed last night following the premier of No Half Measures, a behind the scenes documentary on the final season of the show.

Breaking Bad fanboys will want to get their hands on the complete series boxset (ultimate fans might want to check out the Collector’s Edition barrel) as it features loads of extras including No Half Measures, which aired on US TV last night.

We won’t give too much away, but in a post-screening Q&A of the documentary, Bryan Cranston revealed that he thought the show could have ran for another few episodes.

"I'm kind of sad that we don't have another year to go, because I really thought that maybe we could do another 10 or 12 episodes," Cranston said.

"But it's better to be finished early and proud so that the fans and us say, 'I really miss that show' as opposed to saying, 'Is this show still on?' It's better to walk away at a high."

As for the plot holes that series creator Vince Gilligan regrets, he said: "We should have gotten Huell out of the safe house. I really think, all joking aside, Aaron Paul's teeth stayed too pearly white and pristine for the six years. Your teeth don't look that good if you smoke meth, or get your ass kicked that many times."

No Half Measures explores the creative processes behind the show’s final season and it follows everyone from the cast all the way down to the video editors nestled away in a dark room of the AMC studios.

In case you’re wondering why the documentary is called No Half Measures this might help jog your memory…




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