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What the hell happened to the X Factor tonight?

by @JOEdotie
Email author
What the hell happened to the X Factor tonight?

Millions of viewers were left baffled this evening as the X Factor mysteriously started 15 minutes late for 'technical reasons'.

The show, which has been dogged by falling ratings and the Frankie Cocozza dismissal, can ill afford another bad night and starting late is a major no-no, especially in the world of Sky Plus.

Tonight's the night when Frankie’s replacement will be sorted out but the mysterious late start may have lost them a lot of their more casual viewers. Host Dermot O'Leary just explained that is was 'technical reasons' but we can never recall a live TV show doing this ever before. Was it just a publicity stunt in a desperate attempt to get a few more column inches? 

So what really happened? Did Kelly Rowland pull another sickie? Did Frankie lock the doors when he left and now he can’t find the key? Is Simon Cowell keeping them off telly until the show gets better?

Any theories out there folks?



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