Fitness & Health | 4 years ago
Six quick tips for rock hard abs
We all want a beach bod before the summer is up. So here are a few quickfire tips to turn that party keg into a lean, six-pack machine.

We all want a beach bod before the summer is up. So here are six-6-pack tips to turn that party keg into a lean muscle machine.

Wake up with water

According to ze Germans, and let's not contradict them, drinking at least 500ml of cold water as soon as you wake up will boost your metabolism by around 25 per cent for 90 minutes after consumption. Another study also proved that muscle cells grow faster when they’re hydrated. Drink at least three litres over the course of a day and you’ll be on your way to 6-pack heaven. It's not all that easy, but this one's simple.

Eat small regular meals

Small balanced meals help to regulate blood sugar levels, which in turn will minimise unnecessary insulin release. Everyone has abs - to showcase them in their best light, it’s just a matter of getting rid of the layer of fat in front of them. Make sure to pack a lunch and don’t be afraid to have a snack at your desk. Provided it’s an apple or a (small) piece of cheese, of course. Eating out for lunch can destroy your hard work so if you do, make sure it will aid you rather than hinder you.

Sit-ups alone won’t help

Sadly, sit-ups alone won’t help you get that washboard six-pack you want. Try changing it up and make things more balanced. Do 30 reps of sit-ups and then change to sit-up curls. This is where you touch your right elbow off your left knee as you come up and vice-versa. Then try leg rises, where you elevate your legs and finally planks. Planks are easy to start with but a few minutes will separate the men from the boys. Get into the press-up position and hold it for as long as you can, without going overboard.


Don’t go overboard

Too much is never enough for some people. But when it comes to exercise, too much can often bring about disastrous consequences. You often hear of sports stars doing hundreds or thousands of sit-ups a day, but you won't get there overnight and if you try to do too much it could have a negative impact, by impacting on your motivation and confidence. As with the plank, make sure you work on your core before trying something that looks simple but could only end up causing you some damage. So start small. Build those building blocks.

Good posture, better abs

Those varied sit-ups are the best way to strengthen your core. However, bad posture while you're doing them can end up causing more damage than good. Keep your shoulders back and your elbows outstretched to reap the full benefits of sit-ups. Alternatively, you can work on your balance and strengthen your posture by using an oversized exercise ball. Or a Swiss ball as it’s known to the purists.

Prioritise in the gym

Some people tend to leave their abdominal workout until the end of a cardio workout. But by this time you’re weak and tired and you wont get the same benefits and satisfaction as you should. So try doing your abdominal routine before you start hard cardio. Make sure to warm up before you do anything too difficult, but by making this small change you could gain plenty in the long run.