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Video: Aleksandar Kolarov's spoken-word version of Jingle Bells won't get you in the Christmas spirit

by @conorheneghan1
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Because we’re in December it’s now perfectly acceptable to get caught up in the Christmas spirit. If you’re looking for inspiration, don’t watch this.

In the run-up to the festive season, Manchester City have decided to embrace the Christmas spirit by releasing Christmassy-themed videos featuring their players.

The first one involved Mario Balotelli and some crackers – Christmas, not fire, thank God – while the latest offering involves Serbian defender Aleksandar Kolarov regale viewers with his own, unique spoken-word version of ‘Jingle Bells’.

Get the right voice and the right song and spoken-word versions of classics can work a treat – Sean Connery’s version of The Beatles’ ‘In My Life’ was a commendable effort – but Kolarov’s does not belong in that category.

In fact, it’s just a little bit scary and we certainly wouldn’t advise parents to let their children listen in, although his pronunciation of ‘one horse’, which sounds like a Spanish man by the name of Juan Orse, is pretty funny.

Have a listen for yourself in the video above, but don’t be expecting to feel all festive afterwards or anything.



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