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Survey reveals Irish women are A-ok with their man going grey

by @JOEdotie
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Survey reveals Irish women are A-ok with their man going grey

A new survey carried out by Bioxsine Ireland has revealed that Irish women find grey haired men much more attractive than blokes who use too much gel... Now there's something to think about.

A survey carried out by the herbal anti hair loss remedy ‘Bioxsine’ reveals that a third of Irish women surveyed rate a man having attractive hair in the top three categories when it comes to attractiveness. So at least all that time spent in front of the mirror tweaking and pruning your locks wasn’t in vain.

Surprisingly, 40 per cent of the women surveyed found that hair gel on a man was a huge turn off. So this might be a bit disappointing for blokes who tend to slap on half a tub of gel before a night out. You know who you are.

As for going grey, not one of the women said that having a ‘silver fox’ for a man was a problem.

As for the Patrick Stewarts of Ireland, a large percentage of the 38 women surveyed revealed it would bother them if their man was losing his hair, while over half of the men surveyed confessed they would shave their head as a way of coping with hair loss, while the rest would seek out anti hair loss products.

According to leading Trichologist (which is the study of the scalp in case you didn’t know) Deborah Whelan, from the Galway Trichology Clinic, men are definitely paying more attention to their hair than ever. Deborah says, “I find that men are definitely more image conscious when it comes to their hair, as increasingly they will bring styling products with them to arrange their hair after a treatment.’’

Bioxsine is a highly effective anti hair loss herbal formulation for both men and women and it’s new to the Irish market. Biota laboratories who developed Bioxet, the first and only cream that permanently removes unwanted hair, have turned their expertise to address the issue of unwanted hair loss. How nice.

Clinical trials have revealed that after two months use, Bioxsine had prevented hair loss in 90% of the participants and had increased hair growth in 80% of the participants. Bioxsine is a highly economic as well as highly effective solution to hair loss, comparing very favourably to products already on the market.

Since BIOXSINE is a herbal product, there are no side effects. It contains no SLS or SLES, which are active ingredients in many cosmetic products that have been reported to contain carcinogens.

Bioxsine is available from pharmacies nationwide for more information visit



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