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Space Cadets: Michael Healy-Rae

The Healy-Raes are one of the most famous families in Ireland (after Crystal Swing), but not always for the right reasons. So we’ve decided to put their most outspoken member, Michael, under the spotlight for Space Cadet.

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Space Cadets: Michael Healy-Rae

The Healy-Raes are one of the most famous families in Ireland (after Crystal Swing), but not always for the right reasons. So we’ve decided to put their most outspoken member, Michael, under the spotlight for Space Cadet.


Small Steps, Giant Leaps: A look back at Futurama

After our favourite space-themed cartoon was cancelled this week, we take a look back at some of our favourite moments


JOE’s Top Sci-Fi Action movie picks: Total Recall

JOE takes a look at some of the greatest Sci-fi Action films ever made, this week it’s Arnie’s Total Recall. We can’t remember if we’ve done it before…


Lynx Space Cadets: Mario Balotelli

Having just been named by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, it’s time to take a look at the Space Cadet that is footballing Marmite-maestro, Mario Balotelli.


Lynx Apollo Hero of the Week: Dan Carter

New Zealand rugby legend and all-round good guy, Dan Carter is our Hero of the Week on JOE this week.


Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Michael Collins, the other guy on the moon

If there’s one lad in the history of the space race who never gets the credit he deserves, it’s poor aul Michael Collins (not that one, the other one).


JOE’s Top Sci-Fi/Action movie picks: Aliens

As part of JOE’s top sci-fi action films of all time, we take a look at James Cameron’s action-packed Aliens


Space Cadets: Gary Busey

It’s time to set our Space Cadet sights on that craziest of crazies, legendary Hollywood actor, Mr Gary Busey.


Hero of the Week: Conor ‘Notorious’ McGregor

After his big win at the weekend, we had to choose the hottest property in MMA, Conor McGregor, who looks set for big things in the UFC


Small Steps, Giant Leaps: The first monkey in space

Space exploration has moved in leaps and bounds since it started, but not so long ago, us humans couldn’t even go up there. So who, or what, went first?


JOE’s Top Sci-Fi/Action movie picks: The Matrix

In 1999, a certain sci-fi action film came along that completely blew people’s tiny little minds and revolutionised the entire special effects industry in Hollywood.


Lynx Apollo Hero of the Week: Brian Maher

After putting in some serious work over the last 12 weeks, Brian Maher finally had the big reveal on JOE Gets Ripped.


Space Cadets: Paolo Di Canio

With his name hitting the headlines all over the shop this week, the one and only Paolo Di Canio is our Space Cadet


Small Steps Giant Leaps: The Mars Curiosity Rover

A one-ton remote controlled off-road vehicle that was sent up to Mars, it doesn’t get much cooler than the Mars Curiosity Rover


Space Cadets: Li Meng, the guy who spent six years living in an internet café

Let’s face it, we all use the internet a good bit, but this guy has taken it to a whole new level by living in an internet café for six years


Lynx Apollo Hero of the Week: The guy from the Philly picture

This week was a huge week for news on the Tallafornia front, and there was only one man to thank for that, our Hero of the Week, Jamie


Space Cadets: Gigi Becali, eccentric football club owner

If you’re not familiar with the works (by which we mean mainly strange quotes) of Gigi Becali, then you’re in for a treat, as we profile the world’s most bizarre football club owner.


Lynx Apollo Hero of the Week: Ronaldinho

It’s Ronaldinho’s birthday today, and seeing as he’s also one of our all-time heroes we had to choose the big man for our Hero of the Week.


Small Steps, Giant Leaps: The first Space Station

Unsurprisingly, it was the Russians, a great bunch of lads, who were the first to head up to set up manned stations in space


JOE’s Top Sci-Fi/Action movie pick: Blade Runner

Harrison Ford has been a pretty iconic figure in Sci-fi and action, from Star Wars to Indiana Jones, and Blade Runner is an unmissable title in that list


Space Cadets: Dennis Rodman

After heading off on a lovely trip to North Korea, Denis Rodman also appeared at the Vatican this week in a spate of strange behaviour.


Dad with brain cancer wins marathon while pushing daughter in buggy

As Friday feel-good stories go, this will be hard to beat. A heroic father diagnosed with brain cancer won a marathon in Texas while pushing his daughter’s buggy.


Lynx Apollo Hero of the Week: Curtis Woodhouse

This was a bit of a no-brainer, as the footballer turned boxer turned Twitter troll destroyer Curtis Woodhouse is our Hero of the Week


Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Homer Simpson and the inanimate carbon rod

This week we’re focussing on the long overlooked and tireless efforts of the inanimate carbon rod in the field of space travel.


JOE’s Top Sci-fi/Action movie pick: The Bourne Identity

Few films have had the kind of seminal impact that The Bourne Identity has had on cinema. Setting a distinctive formula, the seminal action flick set a stylistic precedent for every action flick released in its wake.


Lynx Hero of the Week: Andrea Pirlo

With our apologies to all Celtic fans, we felt we had to feature the magnificent Andrea Pirlo and his magisterial beard as Hero of the Week.


Space Cadets: Fidelma Healy-Eames

The social media gurus have been up in front of the Oireachtas this week, but the limelight was certainly stolen by Fidelma Healy Eames.


Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Galileo Galilei

This week, we look a little bit further back in time to Galileo Galilei, who you might remember from your Junior Cert history books.


JOE’s Top Sci-fi/ Action movie – Escape from New York

JOE takes a look at the genius that is Kurt Russell in Escape from New York, the ultimate reluctant hero.


Space Cadets: Alex Jones, the guy who wanted to deport Piers Morgan

Alex Jones is what can safely be described as enthusiastic about the second amendment, to say the least, and he’s also got the odd conspiracy theory or two.


WIN!! Let Littlewoods Ireland Up Your Game! Find out more

Conor McGregor is declared the winner 19/7/2014


It’s Official: Conor McGregor jumps into Top 10
DP World Tour Championship - Day One


Pic: Aussie paper mX really put the boot into Rory McIlroy in this Caroline Wozniacki caption
General view of a O'Neills football 17/10/2012

Tweet of the day

Pic: Full-back in Kildare unwinds in classic GAA Junior B fashion after being substituted
Dundalk Home


So, apparently this house in Dundalk is worth a billion Euro


Pic: A GAA club in Sligo have advertised their physio position in very saucy fashion (Slightly NSFW)

Home News

Video: Donegal couple stun wedding guests with ‘live video feed’
Cathal Pendred celebrates beating Mike King 19/7/2014

Home News

So… Ray D’Arcy’s interview with Cathal Pendred could have gone better
LeinsterÕs Dave Kearney  17/5//2014


Video: Dave Kearney was cruelly left hanging by a fan at Longitude at the weekend
France v Germany: Quarter Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


Transfer Talk: Hummels and Blind to United, Drogba to City and Spurs chase Griezmann
beertits (608 x 374)


300,000 litres of beer stolen during Germany’s WC celebrations; no one noticed for four days
Moala Celtic


Tongan boxer wins loads of new fans by vowing to carry Celtic shirt at Commonwealth Games opening ceremony


Video: Megan Connolly’s stunning free-kick winner in Ireland women’s under-19’s brilliant win over Sweden last night
71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

TV & Radio

Pic: Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston were reunited at an awards do and they took this brilliant shot

Home News

Heatwave on the way means Ireland could be hotter than Madrid this week


Video: Reading ‘keeper Adam Federici makes one of the best saves that you’ll ever see


Here are all the winners of our Best of Brazil polls
friends faceswap

TV & Radio

Pic: This face swap image of the Friends cast could be the creepiest thing we’ve ever seen

TV & Radio

JOE’s favourite Krusty the Clown moments in The Simpsons
red card generic


An U12 Gaelic Football match in Laois has a good shout to be the dirtiest U12 match ever
Dereck Chisora And Tyson Fury Press Conference


Tyson Fury accidentally calls out England footballer Lucy Bronze for a fight


Pic: A club in the Spanish second division will wear a tuxedo jersey next season and it’s amazing

US Sports

Video: This guy’s skill with a baseball bat will blow you away
Fight Club (1999)Edward Norton and Brad Pitt(Screengrab)


Chuck Palahniuk breaks the first rule of Fight Club by announcing a new follow-up comic book


Video: The Rock’s beard in Hercules was made from what?


George Harrison Memorial Tree meets a rather ironic end as it’s killed by actual beetles
LeinsterÕs Dave Kearney  17/5//2014


Video: Dave Kearney was cruelly left hanging by a fan at Longitude at the weekend
Hozier Performs At The Lexington In London


Pic: Hozier and some of his fans pay tribute to retired broadcasting legend Bill O’Herlihy
HearyAlan an post


Video: Cycling skills with An Post; Part V: Nutrition


Video: Check out how the Father’s Day competition winner got on in Mondello with BTCC racer Árón Smith
DP World Tour Championship - Day One


Pic: Aussie paper mX really put the boot into Rory McIlroy in this Caroline Wozniacki caption

Start Ups

App-reciation: Skitch


Video: The Irish women’s under-19s team aren’t just good at football; they’re great singers as well
Spain v Netherlands: Group B - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

World Cup 2014

Video: This ridiculous CGI-filled World Cup montage will help ease your post-cup pain
International Rules team line up 30/11/2013


So there were a few rule changes made to the International Rules Series today

Home News

Reports: TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly arrested at Shannon Airport
Tumbler Cover


Gallery: The Dark Knight trilogy’s Batmobile is being released in LEGO form and it looks amazing

Start Ups

JOE’s Start Up Diary, Week 5 – Michael Cowan of the Manor Brewing Company
Curragh parade ring

Horse racing

Win tickets to the brilliant Champions Weekend at Leopardstown and The Curragh
Karl Lacey and Kevin McManamon 24/3/2012

The Championship

Audio: Brendan Devenney says he has ‘no doubt’ Donegal will beat Dublin if they meet in the Championship


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