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Video: Cameraman remains remarkably calm while amorous horse nibbles on his ear

by @conorheneghan1
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All in favour of stopping shooting? Aye. All opposed? Neeiiigghhhh.

We often have good cause to be envious of cameramen when they happen to land a gig at a major sporting event, a brilliant music festival, or a lingerie event with a host of stunning supermodels, but it ain’t all glitz and glamour for the men behind the lens.

Spare a thought for this poor guy, for example, who not only had to film what appeared to be a none-too exciting piece about horses in a stable, but had to do so with a horse behind him nibbling at his ear fairly aggressively the foal time.

Thankfully, he wasn’t filming furlong so he was able to escape the amorous clutches of the horse before it got out of hands and was able to metaphorically close the stable door before the horse had bolted.

No doubt the cameraman in question will insist on precautions being taken to avoid a similar situation in future, but he’ll just have to take that up with Mr. Ed-itor when he gets a chance. *JOE has already got his coat and has left the building*

Video via YouTube/DailyFlicks



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