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Video: Sick of Harlem Shake videos already? You'll enjoy this then

by @conorheneghan1
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Some people can’t get enough of Harlem Shake at the moment, whereas others are sick to death of it already. This video will please those in the latter category.

A couple of weeks ago, mention of the phrase ‘Harlem Shake’ would have been met with a look of bewilderment by most people, but it’s hard to avoid it at the moment such has been the spate of videos featuring the dance craze, which has been replicated by everyone from DCU students to scantily clad women to a crowd at a snooker match.

Naturally, because of the sheer volume of Harlem Shake videos, there are plenty of people who can’t stand the sight of it at this stage. If you belong in that category, then your feelings towards it are probably accurately reflected in the animated skit put together by the folks at daily web comic Cyanide and Happiness in recent days, simply titled ‘F*ck Harlem Shake’.

The longer the craze lasts, the more people will begin to feel this way, we reckon.

Video via YouTube/Explosm Entertainment



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