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Happy Birthday to Nicolas Cage, the crazy b*stard
Nicolas Cage - the mad b*stard turns 49 today. JOE took a look at the crazy antics the guy has done over the years including his movie choices.

Nicolas Cage - the mad b*stard turns 49 today. JOE took a look at the crazy antics the guy has gotten up to over the years...  including his movie choices.

by Genna Patterson

Some people would be surprised that Nicolas Cage has won an Oscar, yes, for Leaving Las Vegas in 1996. Seeing as he does a lot of movies that are at best stinking piles of sh*te, this is bizarre.

And yet he’s really a good actor, once he gets a decent movie. Which is only once in a while. We get the feeling Cage doesn't take himself too seriously though.

Even if a movie is a bit of a stinker, Cage will throw himself into the role entirely. Now that’s dedication.

We at JOE can't help but like the guy.

Below you’ll find our top 5 'so-bad-they’re-good' Nicolas Cage movies and the craziest stuff the man has reportedly done and owned.

Con Air

The guy single handedly takes down a plane of convicts and still gets the best one liners in the movie; “Why couldn’t you just put the bunny back in the box?”

Ghost Rider

A man cursed by the devil gets a flaming head and solves crimes on a motorcycle. Genius.


Bangkok Dangerous

A hitman in Bangkok causes problems for himself when he falls for a deaf pharmacist and bonds with his errand boy.

Face Off

Playing both the good guy and the bad guy, this is just greedy but he does both equally well.

Raising Arizona

An ex con and ex cop marry but cant have a kid so they steal one of a furniture tycoons quintuplets.

Weird things Cage has done (but we kind of respect him for):

  • He once outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a Tarbosaurus skull. He paid $276,000 for it.
  • He married Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie, (apparently because he was obsessed with Elvis) who he divorced 3 months later.
  • He named his son after Superman; Kal-El (Superman’s birth name)
  • He was bailed out of jail by Dog the Bounty Hunter in Louisiana in 2011.
  • He bought a nine-foot tall pyramid shaped tomb as his final resting place in New Orleans.
  • He allegedly hired a witch doctor to un-curse the set of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
  • He reportedly has a collection of shrunken heads…

And finally, we tried not to mention that turd of a film The Wicker Man, but this video shows Cage's violent scenes in the movie, of him punching just women for some reason. One when wearing a bear suit. Odd and weird, just like the man himself.

Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage ya crazy b*stard.