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JOE's five favourite cars from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show
With so many cars to choose from it would be impossible to pick five of the best from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. So instead, here are five of our favourites.

With so many cars to choose from it would be impossible to pick five of the best from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. So instead, here are five of our favourites.

Delphi - Sbarro F1for3

The Sbarro F1for3 was definitely one of the more interesting looking cars on show at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The car looks like a cross between the Mercedes Benz McLaren Sterling Moss SLR and an F1 car, which is probably where they got the F1 bit of the name.

The car can apparently hit close to F1 speeds, however, you might want to stick to the legal limit if you’re carrying the two passengers in the back with you (that’s where they got the ‘for3’ bit of the name). Lovely car, but it’s never going to see the light of day – well, in terms of mass production - but hopefully they'll make a new motor sport out of them.

BMW - 6 Series

The new BMW 6 Series that was showcased at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is easily one of the most beautiful production cars that was on show at the event. This time around they’ve decided to go for the more ‘Ford Mustang straight flat grille look’ that everyone is trying to emulate.

Another welcome surprise is the squared boot, which, in fairness, looks a hell of a lot better then the sloping rear of the generation previous.

Pagani Huayra - Carbon Edition


The Pagani Huayra is a gorgeous Italian supercar and it would be hard to make it any better. Except when you deck it out in full carbon fibre of course. That’s exactly what the guys over in Pagani did with this Huayra. There’s nothing else different on the Carbon Edition, but then again, why fix what’s not broken.

You’re probably wondering what the price of the Carbon Edition Huayra is? So much that thinking about would just hurt your head, but who cares? Just look at all that carbon.

Lamborghini - Aventador J

The Lamborghini Aventador J was probably the most exclusive non-prototype car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. “Why so exclusive,” we hear you ask? Well, mainly because there’s only going to be one of them made - the one in the photo there. The Aventador J is the same car as their Batmobile-esque Aventador, but it’s a track only version with the roof chopped off and a tiny little spoiler mounted on the bonnet close to the driver. Sure why not?

Valmet - Autmotive Dawn

Valmet Autmotive’s Dawn concept car was definitely the most eye-catching, interesting and mind-boggling piece of kit on show at the event. At first it’s hard to distinguish whether the thing is a car or an industrial sized version of one of those robotic vacuum cleaners that never really took off. So what exactly is it? Well, firstly, it actually works, and secondly, its intention is to showcase real working EV motors and drivetrains. While adding a touch of the unnecessary in for good measure, of course.

It’s another car that will never see the light of day, but one that may very well have an impact on the industry in the future… although, that may be a long way into the future.

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