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L'Oreal Gift Review
L'Oreal – because your flat mate’s worth it.

L'Oreal – because your flat mate’s worth it.

Christmas day is less than a week away and if you still haven’t finished your shopping (let’s face it, you’re a bloke, you haven’t even started), we have some gift ideas for the men in your life – flat mate or friend.

JOE has saved you the trouble of fighting through the crowds by giving you some ideas to save time on browsing. The less time you spend shopping and the more time you get to join in the festivities, the better.

We could all confess to having messed around with a girlfriend or sister’s face products… because they have fancy packaging and smell nice right?

L’Oreal have some fancy face products for men too, and we don’t feel so bad using them if they smell manly and do the job.

Here’s some you can buy for your flat mate, and stop him using yours.

Men Expert Pure Matte Scrub 150ml

As men, by our nature we enjoy picking at stuff. And let’s admit, our faces get flakey too. Save yourself some time and scrub it all off with L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Matte Scrub. It retails at about €7.35 so its not going to break the bank either.


Men Expert Hydra Energetic Extreme Charcoal Wash

Slap this on your face and pretend you’re Rambo for a few minutes while the stuff does its magic. Or just wash it off (properly – you don’t want to look like you washed in the gutter), and feel the freshness of your skin. Oily patches gone like magic. Retails about €7.95

Men Expert Turbo Booster 50ml

Its says ‘turbo’ and it comes in a cylindrical space age tube and even if it is moisturiser, it still looks cool. Besides, it might help keep the face flake free (after you’ve used the scrub above, of course).  Retails at about €12.50.


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