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Some piping hot Tennessee Honeys...
For no reason other than shits and giggles we've decided to profile some piping hot "Honeys" from the volunteer state, Tennessee. These ladies are mysterious, unspeakably sexy and ooze an inherant classy.

For no reason other than shits and giggles we've decided to profile some piping hot "Honeys" from the volunteer state, Tennessee. These ladies are mysterious, unspeakably sexy and ooze an inherant class.

Katherine Hendricks

Katherine Hendricks is best known for being the ridiculously hot red head, Joan Harris on the ace and effortlessly cool show, Mad Men. Through her wearing of intrinsically fitted pencil skirts and the obvious old school sensibility of her character, she’s endeared herself to women and men everywhere – granted for very different reasons.

While her character is ballsy, stylish and admirably confident, Hendricks is a stunningly beautiful woman with curves in all the right places. Refusing to pander to the common media image of an “attractive woman” she’s built a huge career and fanbase on the back of ultimately being herself and refusing to conform.

While her movie career is just getting started we can only hope that the gorgeous Miss Hendricks attends as many red carpets as possible so we can “browse” the social sections of the papers... eh, on our way to the back page of course…

Megan Fox

It’s hard to really fathom how quickly Megan Fox’s star has risen. She went from very much a bit part player with a pretty face in the likes of Two and a Half Men, to global screen superstar after the success of the first Transformers film and its even bigger, blockbuster sequel.

To bag her role in the first flick, Fox was apparently called round to director Michael Bay’s house where he promptly had her clean his car as an audition. Might sound a bit odd, and frankly it is, but Fox must’ve done a damn good job cleaning that car – or looked particularly good doing it – because she got the gig.


Now the actress finds herself the one of the most Googled people on earth. Well, maybe “Google Imaged” would be more apt. But regardless, this Southern stunner channels the kind of overt sexuality not seen since Angelina Jolie popped onto our screens and was tattooed into the saucy bit of our brains well over a decade ago.

Ginnifer Goodwin

This amiable actress somehow manages to strike an innate balance between adorable and sultry. While she appeared as a desperate singleton in the film, He’s Just Not That Into You, she still somehow managed to juggle neurotic and sexy like few women before her.

While far more "girl next door" than your stereotypical sex bomb, it is all part of the adorable charm of Goodwin, who cut her hair so short recently she kind of looks like a hot fairy. Hey, look at that smile, she’s totally pulling it off.

We can only hope and wish that we see more of Goodwin on the big and small screen in the coming years. This sweet, endearing and talented thespian needs to have her undeniable charms exposed on a far bigger scale.  So to speak.

Miley Cyrus

It’s hard to believe that the little girl who was once Hannah Montana is now 20 years old. Cyrus has spent her latter teen years rebelling against her somewhat sweet "apple pie" image - which includes a damn funky buzz-cut that is actually surprisingly fetching.

Cyrus has graduated from tween starlet, to a beautiful and confident young woman with plenty of cash in the bank and pretty much the world at her feet. As hip as any 20 year old today, she’s now firmly setting trends for girls that have grown up watching her to follow.

It’ll be intriguing to see the path that this talented young woman leads now; be it continuing her music career or going after more grown up roles that reflect where she is in her life at the moment.