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Today at JDIFF: Batman, Orlando Bloom and a visit from Martin Sheen

by @JOEdotie
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Today at JDIFF: Batman, Orlando Bloom and a visit from Martin Sheen

Today at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, cinemagoers will be greeted by the likes of Batman and Orlando Bloom, while the highlight should be Martin Sheen's 'Stella Days'.

Light House Cinema:

Batman - 6:00pm

Yes, that Batman - the classic 1989 depiction of the caped crusader starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and of course, the unmistakable score from Danny Elfman.

Sleepless Night - 6:10pm

A gunshot shatters the early-morning silence on the streets of Paris as two men in balaclavas intercept a car on a drug run. In the rushed heist that follows, one of the drug carriers in the vehicle is shot. The other escapes, but not before getting a glimpse of one of the men unmasked.

The next day, one of the thieves, Vincent is addressed as lieutenant in the bathroom at work. This reveal — that the robbers are really cops — is the first of many in Frédéric Jardin's Sleepless Night, which peels back layers of deceit one by one as the film plunges forward. Sadly, we only have the French trailer for now (featured above) but it does look exciting.

Silence - 8:45pm

Award-winning director Pat Collins collaborates with Donegal film-maker and writer Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde on the wonderfully enigmatic Silence, a haunting meditation on those unseen aspects of the Irish landscape, free from the turbulent onslaught of modernity, and their effect on the human self.

The Day I Was Not Born - 8:45pm

The Day I Was Not Born is one of those quiet movies that comes out of nowhere and leaves you breathless. The story of a young German woman who discovers that she was adopted by the people she thought were her birth parents, this devastating, masterfully calibrated film marks a stellar directorial debut from Florian Cossen.


Calvet - 4:00pm

Via a terrifying trip to hell and back, Jean Marc Calvet was given a second chance at life, and now a successful artist on a quest for redemption, he embarks on an extraordinary journey to make peace with his past.

A Man's Story - 6:10pm

A Man’s Story is a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the British-born designer Ozwald Boateng who at 23 was the youngest and first black tailor to open a shop on London’s Savile Row

Stella Days - 6:30pm [SOLD OUT]

A heady mix of faith and passion, Rome and Hollywood, and one man and his conscience collide in Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s magnificent Stella Days, starring Martin Sheen as a forward-thinking parish priest in the rural Ireland of the 1950s. Mr Sheen will also be attending the sold out screening.

Santa Sangre - 8:10pm

Santa Sangre is a 1989 Mexican-Italian surrealist film directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and is considered by Empire Magazine to be one of the 500 greatest movies of all time.

The Good Doctor - 9:15pm

Orlando Bloom stars as an English doctor newly arrived in California in Irish director Lance Daly’s highly un-Hippocratic psychological thriller The Good Doctor. Black comedy lurks just below the suspenseful surface, with more than a hint of Lolita-esque absurdity as the doc falls under the kittenish spell of a nubile blonde high-school patient.


Wonder House - 6:30pm

Wonder House explores the creative process by inviting scientists to recall those childhood memories that sparked their imaginations. Using these recollections as a starting point, it celebrates the role of play in the early development of a love for science and art.

For more information on all things Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, check out the official website over here, or even better, download the catalogue.



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