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Five things you might not know about Tony Fenton
With debts of over €750k, Today FM DJ Tony Fenton yesterday announced, presumably with a voice as smooth as butter, that he's filing for bankruptcy. Here are five facts on the man himself.

With debts of over €750k, Today FM DJ Tony Fenton yesterday announced, presumably with a voice as smooth as butter, that he's filing for bankruptcy. Here are five facts on the man himself.

By Emmet Purcell

He's a really, really big fan of those Coca-Cola Christmas adverts

Let's face it, Tony Fenton is about as cheesy as viewing an X Factor boot camp episode while downing pods of BabyBel, so it's no surprise to hear that the DJ's favourite TV advert is the most eye-rolling them all. That's right, there's nothing that gets Fenton more hot and bothered than watching the Coca-Cola 'Holidays are Coming' truck advert. You know the one.

"There was something magical about it, the father with the kid standing there, the kid's face lighting up, the whole jingle," he once told the Irish Independent, while presumably warming his cockles with reckless abandon at the same time.

His actual name isn't even embarrassing

For anyone that wants to make their name in the entertainment industry the first step is to make sure that their actual name doesn't make it, but rather a much more commercial, region-neutral name does instead. Thus, Krishna Pandit Banji becomes Ben Kingsley, Cordozer Calvin Broadus becomes Snoop Dogg and the distinguished-sounding Stanley Kirk Burrell dons parachute pants to become MC Hammer.

Yet Tony Fenton's real name isn't embarrassing whatsoever; it's Anthony James Fagan. Granted, there's probably about 28,000 Anthony Fagans in Northside Dublin alone (rough estimate) but it's certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

He was fined in 2006 for some fancy driving

Although Tony doesn't have the means to cough up the €750k that he has in debts, we at least hope that he was able to provide for the €600 fine he incurred in 2006 for some altogether extremely fancy driving.

The incident occured on the Condell Road in Limerick back in September 2006 and was witnessed by Garda Tony Miniter, who told the court of Fenton's fancy dan ways.

“I was after finishing duty in Henry Street and was driving in my private car along the Condell Road," said An Garda.

"He forced oncoming vehicles into their own hard shoulder. He pulled in right behind me and attempted to overtake me but couldn’t. He then drove on my inside and overtook me before pulling in right in front of me."

Thankfully, Fenton was unable to use his smooth, sultry, hypnotic, audible chocolate to talk his way out of that one.

His taste in food is directly related to how long-winded his meal can be

If you've never seen The Restaurant, it's one of the most splendidly pointless ways RTE has chosen to use reality TV to waste your taxpayer money. Tony recently appeared as a contestant and while he turned out to be a fine chef, earning four out of five stars, he also dazzled with his incredibly pretentious menu offerings.

Although the majority of us keep our meals as succint as possible (pizza & chips, chips & beer, or perhaps chips, pizza & beer), Fenton's offerings were syllable-busting titanic achievements such as the 'Chicken and Black Pudding Sausage, Cashel Blue and Cauliflower Purée with Guinness Reduction' or the ... *deep breath* 'Oven Roasted Loin of Slaney Lamb, Carrot, Parsnip & Parmesan Purée, Baby Vegetables and Rosemary Jus'. And not a deep-fried Mars bar in sight...

He admits that his "good friend" Jim Corr can occasionally "go off on one"

In a completely cynically put together 14-page online interview with Hot Press (got to get those ad impressions, eh guys?), Tony spoke of his friendship with tinfoil hat-wearer Jim Corr.

"He's not just a friend, he's a good friend," Tony told the magazine, adding, in a certainly polite way of putting it, that the ever-so-slightly unhinged Corrs member was "on his own path at the moment."

When asked of his opinion on Jim's 9/11 theories, Fenton admitted that Corr can "go off on one" and that "I wish he’d get back into music."

That last point is where we and Tony tend to firmly disagree.

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