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Pictures: Niagra Falls has frozen over, and it looks amazing

by @AdrianCTweets
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Pictures: Niagra Falls has frozen over, and it looks amazing

It's official, the world is ending, get your shotguns and canned foods and go hide in a shelter

The polar vortex that's hitting the United States is bringing with it some very cold weather and absolutely freezing temperatures.*

In fact, it's so cold that Niagra Falls has frozen over, one of the few times this has ever happened and thanks to the magic of the internet, we can all see the pictures of it.

niagra frozen

Google Earth Pics on Twitter also shared an incredible photo of the Falls frozen over.

niagra frozen 2

While these pictures are pretty spectacular, we can only presume that the photographer has since turned into a giant lump of ice. It is also a clear signal that the world is ending, so if you're trying to find JOE over the next few days, we will be in a bunker wearing a tinfoil hat, eating baked beans from the can with a wooden spoon.

Hat-tip to NYC Photog on Twitter for sharing the pic.

*we've since been informed by multiple, sometimes irate people on Twitter that this picture is in fact a couple of years old. They told us. Oh they told us good.



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