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App of the Week: Expedia launches ‘Media Lounge’, a new addition to APP offering

Expedia, the world’s largest full-service online travel company, today introduced Media Lounge, the latest addition to the Expedia App for iPhone or iPod touch.

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App of the Week: Expedia launches ‘Media Lounge’, a new addition to APP offering

Expedia, the world’s largest full-service online travel company, today introduced Media Lounge, the latest addition to the Expedia App for iPhone or iPod touch.


With the new SmartPhone app you’ll never go hungry

Thanks to the newly-released Just Eat SmartPhone app for iPhone and Android devices, ordering a meal on the go has never been easier.

tunnel bear header

App of the Week: Tunnel Bear

For the security conscious internet users out there, Tunnel Bear is the perfect fit Tunnel

Hipster ceo header

App of the Week: Ever felt like you’ve wanted to own your own hipster start-up?

Get your fixie bike and moustache wax ready, you’re about to own your own hipster start-up


Getting your Leaving results? Then this points totalling app is for you

Whether you are the one receiving the results, or a concerned friend or parent, this handy app will take some of the stress out of the big day.


App of the Week: Soundwave

Finding out what kind of music people are listening to is now no longer a mystery thanks to a cool new app created by an Irish company called Soundwave.

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App of the week: The Great Rocky Mountain Game

Do you like free beer? It’s certainly the right price anyway, and you can get your hands on it with the Coors app Reaching for the Rockies


Will the Zeo headband and iPhone app give you sleepless nights?

Unless it’s Halloween and you’re dressed as Rambo/vintage Andre Agassi, there’s no good reason any self-respecting man should wear a headband. Or so we thought.


Can Irish app MovieWatch appease the nation’s film buffs?

Here’s a homegrown app which should be on every film buff’s horizon – the ability to check out all Irish movie release dates, in addition to regularly updated trailers for each film.


Is the Crystal Maze app as great an idea as it sounds?

Start the fans please! No… no recollection of that slogan? If you’re not a fan of the culture 1990s game show The Crystal Maze, this app may not be for you.


Do we really need to explain Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig)?

It’s a game called Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) – do we really have to convince you that it’s amazing?


Party like it’s 1997 with the retro thrills of Snake ’97

Break out your disgusting Taz t-shirt, Outhere Brothers album and LA Lights footwear – the 90s are back, starting with Snake ’97.


Is the new Sky Go app the solution to your on-the-go needs?

With extensive marketing to accompany its rebranding, is Sky Go the salvation for streaming needs or a buffering blunder?


GAA Scoreboard on Android

The ability to easily record and share the scores at GAA matches without needing a pen and some paper has arrived with Joe Hyland’s GAA Scoreboard app on the Android market.


It Could Be You: Can an app help you win the EuroMillions?

Is it really here, an app that helps you win the lotto? No, although this one does help you know if you’ve actually won it.


Sonic & Sega All Star Racing takes pole position on iPhone

Sonic in a car? It makes no sense, but neither does turning down the opportunity to grab the best kart racer on any mobile device yet.


Stylish app Hard Lines takes Snake into the 21st century

Remember Snake? Of course you do and you probably have no interest in playing it again. Hard Lines will work its damnest to change your mind.


Puzzler Feed Me Oil demonstrates addictive thrills and spills

A year after the devastation of the BP oil spill, is it wise to release a physics-based oil transportation puzzle title? Probably not, but it sure is fun.


Textalyzer – trying to make drunken ex texts a thing of the past

An app that bars you from sending drunken texts in the middle of the night? It sounds too good to be true and, sadly, it is.


TuneIn Radio Pro – iPad Review

TuneIn Radio Pro arrives on the iPad as the most comprehensive and potentially groundbreaking radio app on Apple’s tablet. Sky+ for radio? Yes please.


LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 – iPad Review

Can the combined might of Travellers’ Tales and Harry Potter cast a spell upon iPad users?


Air Penguin becomes the latest feathered App Store phenomenon

Following hot on the tiny footsteps of Angry Birds, Tiny Feet and Drop The Chicken, Air Penguin aims to become the next feathery hero of the App Store.


The Video Cookbook – iPad Review

With a plethora of cooking apps filling up the App Store, what can The Video Cookbook produce to earn its seat at the head of the table?


Drop the Chicken combines puzzle fun with fowl play

No, dropping the chicken isn’t a sexual euphenism, rather it’s a lovable but occasionally infuriating iOS title.


Championship Manager 1980s Legends offers retro football on the go

Here’s a football management sim with a twist – you travel back to the 1980s to man-manage Maradona and try to poach a 17-year-old Dennis Bergkamp.


Death Rally iPad Review

Offering Micro Machines-style racing on the iPad, does Remedy’s Death Rally have the gameplay to ensure pole position on Apple’s tablet?


Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP iPad Review

With an ambitious art style and nods to gaming classics, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is a stunning iPad app that belies it’s slightly ludicrous title.


Final Fantasy III delivers retro RPG thrills to iPhone

With revamped graphics and a hefty price tag, should iOS gamers stump up the cash for the 50+ hours of playtime that Final Fantasy III provides?


SoundHound iPad Review

Remember Shazam? SoundHound has taken audio-tagging to the next level, boasting a wealth of utterly compulsive and addictive features for your song identification.


Hot Springs Story – take a dip in this relaxing management app

Kairosoft won a flurry of admirers with last year’s uber-addictive Game Dev Story, yet can lightning strike twice for the altogether more unusual Hot Springs Story?


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Kerry John Dowling


Video: A Kerryman ripped up his All-Ireland Final ticket before the match on Sunday to help his club

Home News

That’s Gas! This pun-filled pirate conversation between an Irish lad and girl on Tinder is the best thing you’ll read today

World Affairs

Pics: A woman has spent over €15,000 to give herself a third breast (not joking)
Killer Whales Swim Out To Sea After Beaching In QLD

Home News

Pics: Seven Killer Whales have been spotted off the coast of Ireland
UFC Fight Night: McGregor v Holloway


UFC champion pays tribute to Conor McGregor ahead of Saturday night’s big fight

TV & Radio

Video: Alaskan news reporter drops the f-bomb and quits her job in epic fashion on live television


Tired of sleeping alone? This new spooning app is just the thing for you
Tractor Plowing A Field

Home News

Pics: Two photos that everyone heading to the Ploughing Championships tomorrow will enjoy
Tractor Plowing A Field

Home News

Pics: Two photos that everyone heading to the Ploughing Championships tomorrow will enjoy
Alan Cadogan receives treatment 17/8/2014


JOE and Euromedic Ireland look at the five most common GAA injuries
Jonny Cooper 25/4/2014

Home News

Pic: Gardai release picture of the man that stabbed Dublin footballer Jonny Cooper at the weekend
Head coach Joe Schmidt


Pics: The new Irish Rugby jersey has been released and we’re liking it already


Video: The UFC’s countdown to Conor McGregor’s fight this weekend is just class
Crash Cycling


Video: Three different angles of the most spectacular cycling crash we’ve ever seen
Robbie Henshaw and Jimmy Gopperth 19/9/2014


Video: Just in case you missed Robbie Henshaw’s cracking hit against Leinster, here it is again
Yaya Toure Slaps

Premier League

Video: Yaya Touré gives Eden Hazard a few playful but powerful slaps in the tunnel
Fionn Fitzgerald and Kieran O'Leary lift the Sam Maguire 21/9/2014


Pics: Seven brilliant photos from Kerry as thousands turned out to welcome home the All-Ireland Champions
Champs League SF Peter Schmeichel


Calling all Man Utd fans… your favourite club legends are coming to the Olympia Theatre
Karl Lacey returns to the dressing rooms 21/9/2014

The Championship

Pic: A dejected Karl Lacey leaving the Croke Park pitch yesterday made for one of the GAA photos of the year
Friends 236 seconds

TV & Radio

Video: This clip of the best of Friends in 236 seconds is absolutely wonderful
Shawshank Redemption Main


The Shawshank Redemption is 20 years old today so here are 20 reasons we love the 90s classic


Pic: The front page of today’s Times featured arguably the most unfortunate headline combination ever seen
Clare Feakle


Pics: The most heartwarming GAA story we’ve heard in a very long time happened in Clare at the weekend


Video: A teaser clip from the first episode of DRUNK, which airs on RTÉ2 tonight
Coke Zero


Competition: Another chance to win brilliant prizes with JOE and Coke Zero
Show: The Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2010

TV & Radio

Later… with Jools Holland is on TV tonight and there will be a talented Irishman on the show
Michael Caine and England player Bobby Moore of the POW's


JOE takes a look at some of our favourite football films of all time
Martin O'Neill speaks to members of the media 23/9/2014


Video: Martin O’Neill ripped the piss out of Irish journalists’ dress sense at today’s press conference
Manchester City v Chelsea - Premier League

Tweet of the day

Pic: This gesture by John Terry to a grieving Chelsea fan is pretty class
Kerry Dancing


Video: The Kerry minors and Kerry seniors had an Irish dance-off at last night’s homecoming
Zombie Prank


Video: This NSFW Zombie prank played on members of the public is bloody and brilliant


Tasty and easy to make protein recipes: Grilled salmon with sweet potato and basil
traktors edm


Video: Every DJ in the country is going to want these new decks from Native Instruments
Fight Club (1999)Edward Norton and Brad Pitt(Screengrab)


Video: Fight Club recreated as an 8-bit video game is amazing, as are the 7 things you didn’t know about the classic film

Video Games

JOE’s Game Review – NHL 15
Ciara Emer Sophie

Start Ups

Irish teens claim the Grand Prize at the Google Science Fair
Pee Wee Fail

US Sports

Video: This Pee Wee football team’s entrance might just be the best sports blooper of the year


Feast your eyes upon the business suit onesie – The Suitsy


Video: This wonder strike from Tony Yeboah for Leeds United is a whopping 19 years old today
Kerry John Dowling


Video: A Kerryman ripped up his All-Ireland Final ticket before the match on Sunday to help his club
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