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Iphone 6

Video: This new ‘iPhone 6′ screen can’t even be scratched by a giant blade

It looks like iPhone users needn’t fear about breaking their screen anymore…

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Iphone 6

Video: This new ‘iPhone 6′ screen can’t even be scratched by a giant blade

It looks like iPhone users needn’t fear about breaking their screen anymore…

Tinder full

Tinder has added a new feature which fans of Snapchat are going to love

The online dating app is upping it’s game…

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 10.27.59

Video: This camera stabiliser is hypnotically stable

It almost looks like there’s some sort of trickery involved…


Meet the iPhone with a holographic display

How long have Apple led the way in everything phone or tablet related? Doesn’t really matter, because there will always be someone dreaming stuff up that even Apple won’t create for years yet.


Printing a new iPhone, a pair of runners – or even your dinner

Downloading a pair of runners or a new iPhone would be awesome, but that’s just nonsense, isn’t it? No, it’s not as ludicrous as it would initially seem.


Could cyborgs really become the next step in human evolution?

Continuing our look at the far-flung future, this week we’re focusing our gaze on the looming explosion of augmented reality and perhaps even cybernetic enhancement.


You’re a mind-reader! But when will telepathy get a move on and become reality?

It may currently only be the stuff of science fiction but telepathy is inching its way ever closer to our reality. In fact, scientists are busy, right this minute, trying to crack the secre.


Really – how long must we continue to wait for hoverboards?

We’ve been patient for far too long but the time has come to say enough is enough – why has no one invented hoverboards yet?


Future Tech: Of course Japan has built a pregnancy simulator

This is why people think you’re weird, Japan. Get back to creating world-class consumer electronics and less of the pregnancy simulators.


Future Tech: Is this the Samsung Nexus Prime?

That blurry photo you see? That’s not just any blurry photo, that’s a blurry snap of Samsung’s iPhone-challenging Nexus Prime.


Future Tech: Nikon’s first ever mirrorless lens

Mirrorless cameras are apparently the biggest step up in snapshots since the coming of the digital age and now Nikon’s hopped on the bandwagon.


Future Tech: Take the cinema with you for Sony’s 3D visor

Do you love 3D? Are you legally above the age of 15? Then you’ll be all over Sony’s sci-fi HMZ-T1.


Future Tech: Forget the 3D glasses, just use this lenticular sheet

The world of 3D as home entertainment hasn’t quite taken off as quickly as electronic giants might have hoped, so Sony have resorted to new measures… a lenticular sleeve?


Gender-spotting software could stop fake bloggers

Software guessing the gender of anonymous authors could be used to stop future ‘fake bloggers’.


Lipstick on your mousepad: The science of internet kissing

Japanese technology researchers believe they are on the verge of engineering a hardware/software combination which will allow users to kiss over the web.


Future Tech: The Square Credit Card Reader

Developed by a Twitter co-founder, the Square Card Reader is making costly transactions a thing of the past for small businesses in the US.


Future Tech: RM-XR350MC, the waterproof motorcycle GPS

Ever try to steer a motorcycle while it’s underwater? It’s impossible. Thankfully that’s no longer a problem with the RM-XR350MC waterproof motorcycle GPS.


Future Tech: Samsung’s transparent LCDs

Transparent LCDs look extremely cool and though electronic companies have not yet settled on a desire medium for their appliance, they look extremely cool.


Future Tech: Samsung’s ‘TangoView’ video vacuum cleaner

We’ve seen robotic vacuums before and understandably, we don’t trust them. Samsung haven’t helped allieve our fears with their latest model, which offers remote-controlled surveillance.


Future Tech: Mitsubishi’s voice recognition lift for the disabled and visually-impaired

The marvels at Mitsubishi have developed a lift that incorporates voice recognition for wheelchair users and the blind. It’s possibly the biggest lift-related news you’ll read all week.


Future Tech: Intel’s Thunderbolt technology

USBs everywhere are struggling to keep up with high-speed data transfer so thank the lords for Intel’s new Thunderbolt technology, coming to a MacBook near you soon.


Future Tech: SEGA’s Wappy Robot Dog

Future Tech directs its gaze towards Japan again, as SEGA debut a lovable robot dog that connects with your handheld Nintendo DS console.


Future Tech: Fujitsu’s whiteboard-cleaning humanoid robot

Robots – is there anything they can’t do? Actually, there’s plenty – though a team of Italian and Japanese scientists have decided they should clean whiteboards instead.


Future Tech: Kraft’s Meal Planner Solution tells you what’s for dinner

Here at Future Tech, the crazier, the better. A face-scanner that tells you what you’d like to eat and could be available later this year? That’s a whole new level.


Future Tech: Daito Manabe’s Faceprojection and LED teeth

In his native Japan, lighting designer and DJ Daito Manabe is lauded as a genius. With his latest LED concepts and Faceprojection technology, the world is starting to take notice too.


Holographic Displays: Coming to your living room soon(ish)

If you just picked up a fancy new 3DTV you might want to look away now because recent developments in the field of holographics might be making that television obsolete.


Future Tech: Samsung’s Concept Foldable 3D TV

3D TV we can deal with, but a foldable 3D TV that can wraparound to fit your entire field of vision? Oh Samsung, is there anything you can’t do?


Future Tech: Acer’s first 3D laptop

3D phones, 3D TV – what’s next, 3D laptops? Glad you asked, as are Acer – they’ve just announced their first entry in this ever-growing market.


The Active Denial System offers riot control the painful way

Forget water cannons, the future of riot control is here with the Active Denial System or, as its victims like to call it, the Pain Ray.


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Home News

Video: Irish lad on J1 in LA invades pitch after Man United/LA Galaxy game, shakes Reece James’ hand, gets smashed by stewards


Vine: Northern Ireland player target of vicious kick to the head as violence breaks out in Milk Cup clash with Mexico
AS Roma v Indonesia U23 - Friendly Match


He’s so lonely: Some of the best Ashley Cole memes after his apparent ‘isolation’ from new Roma teamates
Conor McGregor


Video: Conor McGregor performs a double rope climb like an absolute beast
Roof Jump


Video: This guy made heart-stopping jump off a five-storey building into a swimming pool


Video: 17-year old sells three players a dummy and scores a cracking goal in the Mayo Senior Championship
Kimmel haircut


Video: Fella from Offaly gets his haircut live on Jimmy Kimmel


Pic: This Spanish side’s tuxedo jersey looked even more amazing in its first team photo last night

US Sports

Video: This 13-year-old Romanian basketball player is 7’4 and attracting attention from the NBA
Ryanair End Of Year Results

Home News

Michael O’Leary’s wages last year were pretty sweet
General view of Pairc Ui Chaoimh 13/7/2014


Pic: Enniscrone GAA club in Sligo have the best VIP seats bar none in Ireland
International Champions Cup 2014 - Manchester City v Liverpool


Video: All the goals from Liverpool’s penalty shootout victory over Manchester City last night

World Affairs

Video: Terrifying time-lapse shows the destruction of Gaza neighbourhood in just one hour
U.S. Gas Prices Reach 13-Month High

Pic of the day

Shopping list on a ten euro note handed in to a Sligo filling station reveals a night of fun was on the cards
burrito generic

Home News

Pics: Mexican stand off; Just look at the amount of people queueing up for a free burrito in Dublin


Gallery: Boys in their hoods can look cool too you know
Tensions Remain High At Israeli Gaza Border

World Affairs

Pic: The Guardian’s front page on Gaza this morning is incredibly powerful

TV & Radio

Video: Watch this hair-raising version of the Game of Thrones theme tune performed in Shop Street in Galway yesterday


Video: Ex-Real Madrid striker hits one of the worst misses that you will ever see
iHeartRadio Music Awards - Season 2014


Pics: Ed Sheeran’s surprise gig in Dublin last night looked absolutely class


Video: JOE caught up with Dara Ó Briain at the Vodafone Comedy Festival
Tony McCoy celebrates 31/7/2014


Five winners saw one Meath punter turn €8.20 into nearly €83,000 at the Galway Races today
Monster meal


America’s most unhealthy restaurant meal has been revealed and it is an absolute monster of a feed
Aaron Paul

TV & Radio

Video: JOE gets an exclusive look at the trailer for Aaron Paul’s new animated comedy
Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 18.22.08

Start Ups

Worried your start-up idea might fail? Check out this excellent TEDx Talk by Dr Niamh Shaw

World Affairs

Report: Giraffe killed after hitting head on bridge while being transported in truck


Gallery: Ten of the coolest water-slide locations in the world
The Rover


Competition: Win tickets to an exclusive preview screening of apocalyptic thriller The Rover
Simon Zebo 7/10/2013


Simon Zebo tells JOE about his return to the Ireland set up, his injury-prone feet and the new management at Munster

Food & Drink

Irish pub offers ‘buy one, get one free’ with civil servant I.D.
Kings Of Leon "Mechanical Bull" Tour - Atlanta, GA

TV & Radio

The best tweets from Sean Moncrieff’s #misheardlyrics on Twitter
Andrew Watson new car


Co. Tyrone racing driver named British Racing Drivers’ Club ‘Rising Star’
Sunset Para


Get your Ibiza adrenalin rush with these must do activities before you leave


Video: Ex-Real Madrid striker hits one of the worst misses that you will ever see
Pharrell Williams Celebrates 41st Birthday With SpongeBob SquarePants Themed Party - Inside


Video: Brace yourselves! The first SpongeBob SquarePants movie trailer is here and looks ridiculously good
Treat your bro to tickets to Electric Picnic -  one of the country's coolest festivals


Red Bull Music Academy stage confirmed for Electric Picnic


Video: Idiot taking a selfie during a bull run in France gets his painful comeuppance

Tweet of the day

Stop everything. Luke Skywalker is in Ireland… and he’s loving it
Guinness_LaLiga 010


Video: JOE meets Guillem Balagué and Gaizka Mendieta

US Sports

Video: This 13-year-old Romanian basketball player is 7’4 and attracting attention from the NBA
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