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"Born Survivor" Bear Grylls gets his marching orders from the Discovery Channel
Bear Grylls can survive anything - as long as it doesn't involve negotiating with television producers...

Bear Grylls has eaten a snake, wrested a crocodile and drank his own wee. In short, he’s sort of marketed as a tough guy. A ‘Born Survivor’ if you will. However, it seems that there’s one thing Bear, the man who has scooped water out of elephant poo, won’t do.

The Daily Mail reports that Grylls has had his long-running contract with the Discovery Channel terminated for refusing to work on two upcoming projects with the channel. So it seems he can survive anything – as long as it doesn’t involve negotiating with television producers. Nice.

“Due to a continuing contractual dispute with Bear Grylls, Discover has terminated all current productions with him,” a Discover Channel spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter exclusively.

Apparently Grylls, who has been starring in the Discovery Channel’s Born Survivor, has been unwilling to participate in two upcoming projects because he believes that they violate his contract – eh…and drinking your own wee doesn’t?

Born Survivor is one of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel, so it’s surprising that the station is axing the presenter. Obviously the show itself will have to be cancelled as well – surely they won’t try and replace the ex-SAS man.


Could it all just be a bit of a publicity stunt to get the Discovery Channel back on the radar? Probably. Bear himself will be fine. The survival specialist has a major cult following both here and in the US and he already has several projects on the horizon. Never mind the fact that his memoir, which is a best-seller in Europe, is set to be released in America later this year.

If anyone was worried that this latest news would be a massive blow to Bear’s career, we highly doubt it. He even managed to bounce back after it was revealed that rather than actually sleeping outdoors for his show, like viewers are led to believe, he’s really sneaking off to hotels.

After this sordid news came to light, the series was taken off the air and returned with a disclaimer that said: “Bear Grylls and the crew receive support when they are in potentially life threatening situations as required by health and safety regulations.”

Bear said that he slept in the hotel to spend time with his family and noted: “Discovery is so cautious of everything. If I so much as break wind on these shows, it’s acknowledged now.”

So while the Discovery Channel has its 15 minutes of fame, we reckon Bear Grylls will be laughing all the way to the bank and hopefully giving up his disgusting habit of drinking his own wee...