If you’ve recently spotted a tall American dressed in a burgundy pirate outfit wandering around various cities and towns hassling celebrities and Kerry GAA fans, don’t be alarmed – it’s just Captain Morgan.

Captain Morgan’s Rum was first brewed in Jamaica in 1944. However, the makers of this authentic Caribbean drink upped sticks and relocated to Puerto Rico in the 1950s, and were bought up by Diageo in 2001. However, it was not until 2008 that the brand, one of the best selling spirits on the US market, slipped through the Diageo birth canal onto the shelves of Irish bars and off-licences.

The first thing you notice about Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is the smell – it’s like a cross between a Christmas pudding and a cinnamon role. However, the exact identity of the ‘spices’ assaulting your nostrils remain a mystery – the bottle just says ‘spices’.  There is also quite a smokey aspect to it which might possibly have something to do with that fire in the James Street brewery back in December.

Happily, this stuff tastes an awful lot better than it smells. It has a sweet, warm taste to it and despite its strength (35% ABV), it’s actually quite possible to drink with just ice and a wedge of lime. However, the taste of the mystery spices comes through quite heavilly so it is nicer with cola or 7-up and is ridiculously tasty with ginger ale.


It’s not only taste that Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has going for it. Although it's not laced with amphetamines it does tend to get those who overdo it a definite hyperactive type of drunk. Another big plus is the Captain himself, who quite frankly is a bit of a legend.

He arrived in Ireland tasked with promoting his drink but instead set about clearing the name of Kerry footballer Paul Galvin, who at the time was serving a six-month ban for slapping a notebook out of referee Paddy Russell’s hand during a Munster SFC semi-final.

“Is that a bee?” asks the Captain while reviewing footage of the infamous slapping incident. He then takes to the streets to find out what Kerry fans make of the incident.

“It was just a little… yunno… gettin’ rid of the flippin’ wasp!” says one green-and-gold clad aficionado while swatting the air in a somewhat unconvincing re-enactment of the fatal blow.

“Was this a trained wasp?” asks the captain. “Twas,” replies another fan.

Armed with this new piece of information, the Captain heads off to consult a bee keeper about whether such a thing could have occurred. “Is it possible (pauses) for someone to train a wasp (pauses) to follow a player (pauses again) on a Gaelic football pitch?” The beekeeper’s resultant silence is somewhat incriminating.

One thing to keep in mind about this altogether delicious beverage is the price – it costs over €7 with a mixer in a many pubs and comes in at just under €30 for a bottle. However, the entertainment value provided by the captain is in itself worth the sheckles.

Captain Morgan's hillarious videos can be viewed here: http://www.captaintv.ie/

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