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Fast & Furious 6 smashes box office records
Fast & Furious 6 opening smashes box office records in Ireland and UK.

Not Surprising Breaking News – It turns out that here in Ireland (and in the UK) we really, really, really love fast cars, lovely ladies and Vin Diesel performing flying headbutts on massive bad guys.

Who knew?

By Eoghan Doherty


According to a report on Deadline.com, Fast & Furious 6 netted £9million in its opening weekend in this region for Universal and is the studio’s biggest ever three-day opening weekend, as well as being the biggest opening for any of the Fast and Furious films in the series.

With the sixth film in the hugely successful franchise being set in London, and with Universal staging the World Premiere in the city last week, there’s been plenty of publicity surrounding its launch ahead of its global release on May 24th. Universal bosses are undoubtedly rubbing their hands together in glee as they plan F&F7, 8, 9, 37, 38... You get the idea.

In the meantime, we’ll keep everything crossed in the hope that Vin, The Rock and the rest of the gang will relocate to the back roads of Donegal for the next installment – The Not-So-Fast and Furious (Because I’m Stuck Behind Jimmy From Up The Road Who’s Out In His Tractor).

Fast & Furious 6 is in cinemas now and you can read the official JOE review here as well as watch all of our exclusive Irish interviews with the cast and director in the JOE movie section.