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Michael Fassbender wins Empire Hero award
We already knew that Michael Fassbender was a bit of a hero, but now he has solid proof of his superior status after being crowned the Empire Hero at the Jameson Empire Awards last night.

Michael Fassbender is quickly becoming something of a legend. Not only is he immense craic (remember when he was kicked out of his own party?) he’s also talented and not afraid to get naked on the big screen. What a gentleman.

He's so great, actually, we’ve decided to overlook the fact that he’s only half Irish and instead adopt him completely as our own. Sorry Germany, you snooze you lose.

So we’re counting the Fassbender’s win at this year’s Jameson Empire Awards as a victory for the Irish acting industry.

The Jameson Empire Awards celebrate the best of the best when it comes to British film and acting talent. Obviously the UK is trying to cash in on Michael Fassbender’s awesomeness now too. Oh and Chris O’Dowd, who they described as an “award-winning British actor and comedian.” Seriously England – you’re starting to get needy. It’s time to back off a bit. Just let us have this one, okay?

Anyway, the stars were out in force at the awards which were being held in London last night.


What did the Fassbender win? Well he now has solid proof that he is, in fact, a hero because he managed to win the Empire Hero Award. The Hero Award celebrates an actor who is considered to be in their prime and acknowledges their body of work and all the effort they’ve put in.

Naturally, Fassbender kept his acceptance speech short and simple:

“Well, this is kind of unusual, because I always wanted to be a superhero. The first job I wanted to do was to be Superman, so a hero award makes it official now, thanks to Empire,” he said.

“And Jameson is my favourite whiskey, so this is pretty special!” he added.

We imagine that someone is going to be getting free whiskey whenever he wants from now on...