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Tallafornia's Cormac gets angry at David Norris
By now, you've probably heard all about David Norris and his disdain for Tallafornia. Cormac from the show has anyway and he's not exactly too pleased about the Senator's comments...

By now, you’ve probably heard all about David Norris and his passionate disdain for the TV3 reality show Tallafornia.

Yesterday, the Senator hit out at the show and called it “drink-sodden” and “repulsive.” Mature, right? Anyway, Mr Norris had a rant and then stated that it was about time a general debate was held regarding the standards in Irish life.

Apparently he wants us all to sit down and have a good hard think about our morals and values. Pfffffft. This coming from a man who was at the centre of an infamous letter scandal only a few short months ago…

Anyway, the media waited with a kind of glee to see what the Tallafornia crew had to say for themselves. And thankfully, Cormac Branagan didn’t disappoint us.

The Irish Sun reports that the Corminator has rubbished the claims made by David Norris that the housemates in the show are encouraged to act in an outrageous and debauched manner.


“He’d want to get a dose of reality. This is everyday life. Nobody exploits me. I wasn’t a puppet on a string,” said Cormac.

“I personally think I am an excellent role model and I’m getting a great positive reaction. I seem to be somewhat of a cult figure,” he added.

Eh…well…we wouldn’t go that far but at least all the crazy/disturbing behaviour that you see on your television screens is actually real.

Doesn’t that just make you feel so much better?

If David Norris really wants to help uphold Irish morals then why doesn’t he just start showing episodes of Tallafornia in secondary schools across the country?

We guarantee underage drinking would slow down rapidly – the kids would be so traumatised they wouldn’t touch the stuff.