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The bucket lists of men and women are different. Very different...
So it turns out that when it comes to bucket lists, men and women have different priorities. VERY different priorities...

What’s on your bucket list? You know, that list of awesome stuff that you’d love to do before you die. Chances are travel is in there somewhere, along with driving a Porsche and playing football with one of your sporting heroes.

These are all valid hopes and dreams to have, but have you ever wondered what’s on your girlfriend’s bucket list? Have you ever thought about how they compare?

A new survey has published the top 10 things that both men and women would love to do or achieve before they, ahem, kick the bucket. And if you’re a commitment-phobe, reading this probably won’t calm your nerves…

The Irish Daily Star reports that the survey, conducted by search engine Bing, found that travelling the world is the top priority for both genders. But when it comes to marriage, women are more desiring of tying the knot. In fact it comes in at number 4 on their list. Where does it come on yours?

Well (deep breath) men put travelling the world, living in another country, having a family, learning a new skill, driving an F1 car, recording an album, getting the work/life balance just right and opening their own bar/restaurant all before agreeing to settle down and tie the knot.

We imagine your female counterpart won’t be too happy when she finds that out. But then again, according to the survey, she’d much rather have a family first and worry about committing to you later.


So really, she just wants you for your body – although we doubt you’re complaining too much about this fact.

What else is on there? Well apparently both sexes harbour a secret desire to get creative. Men want to appear in a blockbuster film Braveheart-style, while women want to get musical and record a song or their own album.

Overall the study found that women are more interested in traditional life goals, such as having kids and getting married, while men want to live life on the edge and experience thrill-seeking activities rather than settling down.

Eh… we’re pretty sure that we didn’t really need a survey to tell us that, but sure anyway…

The study found that the majority of people have had to put their dreams on hold due to a shortage of money or a lack of time. But it also found that 50 per cent of survey are actively pursuing their bucket list.

What’s on your bucket list?