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The horrendous style misfires of David Hasselhoff
When he's not single-handedly unifying Germany or pretending his car can talk back, the floor-cheeseburger-eating Hoff likes to strut around in horrendous suits.

The Emmy-nominated annual “Comedy Central Roast” took place in LA’s Sony Culiver City last Monday evening and sitting in the hot seat was none other than Germany’s adopted national treasure David Hasselhoff aka ‘The Hoff’.

The star–studded event saw George Hamilton, Hulk Hogan even Pamela Anderson and other Baywatch co-stars take to the stage to pack some good-natured jibbing at The Hoff’s expense.

Receiving a standing ovation on arrival, it may just have been an excuse for a closer look at the stars questionable wardrobe choice. A glutton for punishment, he opted to wear a one buttoned super –shiny jacket, made of a fabric that’s textureresembled a crinkled black sack complete with garish red pocket square, all over a floppy open collared shirt.


If this wasn’t bad enough he has been rocking the same blow-dried hairdo since his 80’s stint in Knight Rider. That said, this roasting is rumoured to have been Comedy Central’s best yet, with The Hoff taking it with the best of humour and even performing for that added cheese factor.

Well, it helps when long time friend and pin-up Pamela Anderson is the one doing the grilling.

Laura Anne Mooney