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Time-saving tip, No 17: Run everywhere
Seven-year-olds may not have much advice to offer the time-pressed adult but they have one great idea; running everywhere.

Seven-year-olds may not have much advice to offer the time-pressed adult but they have one great idea; running everywhere.

When was the first time you can remember being late? Chances are it wasn’t until you were teenager, when you may have started to care about such things. As a child, time doesn’t really make sense and whatever you have to do is managed by those two giant people who live in your house and make your dinner.

But the average seven-year-old would, in all probability, never be late for anything as they run everywhere. From going outside to play to going back inside to run up and down the stairs 146 times a night the average child has nowhere to go but gets there really fast anyway. The question is; why do we stop and if we started up again, imagine the benefits?

The reason we stop is we become cool, or desperately attempt to be cool anyway. Nobody wants to be running around school as it is a sure fire way to stand out and as we all know, that’s not very cool.

But now, as fully matured grown-ups, why don’t we run everywhere? Obviously, there are practical difficulties. Firstly our fitness levels just ain’t what they used to be and there isn’t an athlete on the planet that could keep up with a sugar-fuelled seven-year-old.

But if we started slowly, jogging to the bus stop rather than walking for example, we could build up the levels so that we could run to a further stop each week. If you are lucky enough to live close enough to your job you could soon find yourself running to work. If you bring a change of clothes, and ideally with a quick shower as well, you are all set.


If you get really fit, the run home is also an option but there are other opportunities to speed up your progress. If you have to go to the bank at lunchtime, why not run? Meeting the lads down the pub on Sunday afternoon for the match, make a dash for it. Taking the dog for a walk? Well, time to speed up a bit there Mr Tickles.

Now, before you all start, we know there are times that running is not appropriate. If you are a bride, not only will you freak out the groom but you will look like the cover of some God-awful Sandra Bullock DVD. Funerals are also out along with protest marches, golf and art galleries.

If you try it in Tesco they will assume you stole something and if you are carrying hot soup, coffee or work in a job where you transport dangerous chemicals we advise you to maintain a more leisurely pace for your perambulations.

But for everyone else think of the benefits, aside from the fitness aspect, you will have so much free time you won’t know what to do with yourself. Hours will be saved from your weekly drudgery as instead of shuffling to the photocopier you jog there and back like a spring-heeled Olympic runner.

Your productivity in work will go up too, meaning promotion, better pay and untold wealth (terms and conditions apply) could be yours if you just took a leaf from the Jedward demographic and run around a bit more.

You may get some funny looks – in fact you may get a lot of funny looks – but you will have the smug satisfaction of being fitter and having more time than the begrudgers.

So throw on those runners that light up when you run, slip into a pink iCarly t-shirt and run everywhere just like you used to when you were a kid.