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Want one: Dress Pant Sweat Pants
Working life is tough and uncomfortable. We can't promise these trousers will make your job easier, but they will definitely make it more comfortable. Introducing the Dress Pant Sweat Pants.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel lazy? You know the ones. You roll out of bed and cast a forlorn look towards your suit hanging on the door of the wardrobe.

Not only is working life tough, it’s also hideously uncomfortable. Why do you have to wear a tie anyway? And why is your shirt always so damn stiff and awful? Sometimes you’d rather dress yourself in sandpaper.

But before you start manufacturing some kind of three-piece suit out of sandpaper, check out the closest thing you can get to pure comfort while also remaining business-like in your appearance.

Introducing Dress Pant Sweat Pants. Oh yes.

We all wish we could just roll up to work rocking our best pair of comfy fat pants, but unfortunately the chances are if you enter the office wearing a fat-pant-bath-robe combo, you’ll be swiftly drop kicked out the front door faster than you can say: “But I’m so comfy!”


So instead of chancing your arm, why not confuse your boss by wearing these bad boys:

Yes, you too can look THIS cool. The Dress Pant Sweat Pants are a work of  technological genius. From a distance they look like a pair of nicely tailored grey dress trousers. Up close you can see that they’re made from a nice, comfy, sweat pant material. So outside you look like the proper working man that you are, but on the inside you’re drowning in a sea of amazing comfort.

These humble trousers have caused a massive stir on the internet and not only have they been featured on various style and gadget blogs across the world wide web, they’ve also managed to gain a pretty demanding following of fans. In fact, the pants are proving to be so popular, Betabrand – the company that makes them – has managed to sell out of two production runs in less than two weeks.

It seems that men across the globe are embracing the casual office cool of the Dress Pant Sweat Pants – and can we blame them really? No, no we can’t.

If you’d like to grab yourself a pair of the pants you better get on your computer as quickly as possible and reserve that  shizz. The final batch of the season is set to arrive in late March but Betabrand are telling rabid customers to pre-order now so you’re not disappointed.

Liberate yourself from the restrictive hell that is regular work pants and invest in a pair of Dress Pant Sweat Pants. They’re the gift that just keeps on giving.