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Want One: The Almove Shirt Guard
Flat, wrinkly shirts are a thing of the past thanks to this amazing shirt guard by Almove. Spend less time ironing and more time partying. Oh yes.

Technically this week’s Want One isn’t something that you can wear, but it is definitely a style essential for the man who like to look good. You can try to wear it, but you’ll probably look stupid. No, wait…you WILL look stupid.

If you travel a lot, you’ll know the mental anguish associated with opening your suitcase and finding that your lovely, freshly ironed shirts have been crumpled up into a mess of wrinkles that could rival Tommy Lee Jones’ face.

Just think how many hours you have wasted either painstakingly ironing your shirts before you pack them, or begging your girlfriend/wife to do it for you. Now compare that with how easily all your hard work can be undone in the length of time it takes you to get from destination A to destination B. It’s not ideal.

If you want a way to combat these wrinkles en route and stop you from looking like a rumpled up mess when you have important meetings and events to attend to, invest in the Almove Shirt Guard. It does exactly what it says on its box.

It protects your freshly ironed attire from wrinkles and creases. It keeps your shirt collar stiff and ensures that it doesn’t get squashed and it even has a special hook for your tie and a place to store your cufflinks. Amazing.

It’s like having an iron and an ironing board but without having to actually iron. Genius.


Saving Your Shirt.

The shirt guard sort of resembles a backwards clipboard. It’s made from a light, thin metal and is strong enough that it won’t get broken when your bag is being moved around a lot – or sliding around in the back of a car/plane. And if you’re really stuck, it could probably double up as a clipboard/portable desk/drinks holder. See? It’s super-versatile.

It features a sleek design, so it won’t take up too much space in your suitcase and it has a blue elasticated band to protect your shirt and keep it right in place. In fact, it’s such a simple design and concept, you’ll wonder how you never thought of it yourself.

No More Wrinkles!

Yes, gone are the days of wrinkled suits! If you want to arrive at your hotel and hit the bar, rather than spending an hour or  two making your clothes look presentable, then make sure you get your hands on one of these bad boys now.

They’re available at Almove’s website and for the sake of €54, they’re a pretty solid investment.