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Why I hate Cristiano Ronaldo

by @JOEdotie
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Why I hate Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's become a single dad and Claire Tully's not the least bit impressed.


I've always hated Cristiano Ronaldo.

I hate that he paints his toenails. I hate that there's a bigger oil slick in his hair than the Gulf of Mexico. And I hate that even though he should be wearing Speedos on the pitch, he is still regarded as one of the world's greatest footballers. (I stopped believing that good things happen to good people a long time ago).

Of course, when you're as rich as someone like this you can do whatever you please because some people, fools that they are, will still want to sniff your shit no matter how bad it smells.

Take for example Cristiano's recent move into fatherhood.

I mean, from a PR point of view announcing the birth of your son on Facebook - a few days after the team you're supposed to be the star of limps out of the World Cup - is a great way to deflect attention from a less-than-remarkable performance.

It was also a great move to get a lot of people to think you're a decent human being, compared to the likes of other celebrity Dads such as Eddie Murphy, the type of person who would deny their children to their face unless there's a five page DNA analysis advising them otherwise.

But the most remarkable thing of all with regard to Ronaldo's situation is how he's suddenly become endorsed as a role model for single fathers by people who, God love them, must be missing several chromosomes.


Yes, Ronaldo has publicly announced he has sole custody of his child and he has declared he wants to be the main caregiver to his son, which all seems pretty noble. But what exactly has he done in the meantime?

Well, let's see, in no particular order he:

  • Jetted off on his hols
  • Fell out of a nightclub with some gay guy
  • Painted his toenails
  • Topped up the tan
  • Left the baby with Mammy
  • Headed to a funeral when his son was reportedly rushed to hospital
  • Left the baby with Mammy. Again.

Cristiano Ronaldo may be the poster boy for various things, but for single fathers he is not.

And I don't know what's sadder, that some people can't see this, or the fact he is yet another poor excuse giving single fathers a bad name.

I know people say when you have a child you're still entitled to your social life. And I think they're full of crap.

If the rumours are to be believed, Ronaldo bought his son for ten million and then left him with his mother.

I know people say when you have a child you're still entitled to your social life and so on. And I think they're full of crap. The fact is, if you have a child they should be your first priority for the rest of your life. Not your toenails, not your tan and certainly not whatever nightclub you want to hit instead of reading bedtime stories, regardless of whether you're a Mammy or a Daddy.

Single fathers don't always get a fair hearing in the media and it's no secret that the courts always favour the mothers.

Sadly with fathers like Ronaldo putting themselves at the centre of their universe, what else do you expect?




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