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28th May 2024

Festival season is here, and so are our top tips on staying safe

Sarah McKenna Barry

Brought to you by DRINKiQ. Please drink responsibly.

Be festival ready this summer and drink responsibly.

Festival season is shaping up to be one to remember this summer, and the time to get prepped is fast-approaching.

At this point, your checklist is growing. You’ll need all your favourite snacks, good quality camping gear and your best wellies so that you can handle whatever weather the Irish summer decides to throw your way.

One non-negotiable for this and every festival season is safety, so this year, we’ve teamed up with Diageo to bring you a handy guide. In this guide, you’ll find some top tips to on how you and your mates can look after each other, as well as some crucial information on making smart decisions when it comes to alcohol.

Stay Hydrated

Alcohol and heatwaves don’t mix, so our top tip this festival season is to stay hydrated. Bring your own water bottle and make sure you top it up regularly throughout the day. Alcohol can dehydrate your body leading to side effects including headaches and dizziness, so drink plenty of water throughout the festival.

Make sure you eat a good meal

Before you start drinking alcohol, make sure you eat a good meal, as this will slow down the absorption of alcohol. Additionally, a good meal will help top up the salts and minerals your body loses when you drink alcohol.

Know your limits

Throughout the festival, listen to your body and know your limits. Say no when you feel like you’ve had enough, and if you start to feel uncomfortable, dizzy or unwell, take a break and stick to water.

Take lots of breaks

Schedule times to go grab a tasty meal, eat plenty of snacks and just enjoy some relaxation time. You’re there to have a good time after all!

Plan ahead and look after your mates

Stay close with your friends throughout the festival, and keep your phone charged by bringing a battery powered phone charger with you. If you plan on splitting up to catch different acts, confirm a meeting spot and time to rally together later. Never leave your drinks unattended and don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know. Plan your route home from the festival in advance and if you decide to leave early, make sure you tell your friends.

You can learn more about the effects of alcohol right here and if you want to test your knowledge, you can take the DRINKiQ Quiz here.

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