It's official - Lynx Africa is Ireland's favourite fragrance 1 month ago

It's official - Lynx Africa is Ireland's favourite fragrance

Brought to you by Lynx.

And it looks like they've taken over an iconic Dublin building...


We're all familiar with the iconic scent of Lynx Africa. Those unmistakable notes of vanilla and geranium have reached legendary status both in Ireland, and around the world.

It is therefore no surprise that the scent has been officially named Ireland's favourite fragrance. That's right, Lynx Africa is the G.O.A.T.

In fact, according to a survey of Irish men, conducted by Bounce, 85% of participants have said that they have donned Lynx Africa at some point in their lives. A whopping 70%, meanwhile, agree that the fragrance is the nation's most iconic scent.

What's more, it seems the fragrance is one for attracting compliments. A third of all respondents said that they have received praise while wearing Lynx Africa. It also looks like the scent goes down particularly well in the north of the country, with half of those from Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal claiming that they received compliments while wearing the fragrance.


Our love for Lynx is also an enduring one, as exhibited by the men of Munster. A quarter of lads from this province have used Lynx Africa for over 11 years.

There's simply no denying Lynx Africa's iconic status. Beyond the survey's findings, Lynx Africa's sales speak for themselves. Indeed, it's estimated that since its inception, Lynx Africa has sold enough cans to fill the convention centre over 54,000 times.

To celebrate this feat, the folks from Lynx have transformed the convention centre to the can-vention centre, and if you're wondering what that might look like, check out the video below.


Truly, the quays have never smelled better.

Brought to you by Lynx.

Lynx Africa, the iconic men's fragrance, has been officially recognised as the G.O.A.T. in Ireland. (A recent survey of men from all over the country revealed some astonishing statistics confirming Lynx Africa's unparalleled popularity, maybe even bigger than the Spicebag or Full Irish.)