Here is the full list of the Irish flights cancelled by Ryanair this weekend 6 years ago

Here is the full list of the Irish flights cancelled by Ryanair this weekend

Double-check that your flight isn't on this list.

As we've previously reported, Ryanair announced on Friday that it would be cancelling up to 50 flights every day for the next six weeks.


The reason given for this was so that their work calendar could successfully switch from April-March to January-December, as well as increased holiday days to their pilots and cabin crew.

The company stated that all those affected by the cancellations would be contacted via email, and have published the full list of all flights that will be cancelled this weekend.


From that above list, here are all of the Irish flights that have been cancelled over the weekend.

Saturday 16 September

  • FR6875 - Dublin T1 to Barcelona El Prat
  • FR22 - Dublin T1 to Paris Beauvais
  • FR7256 - Dublin T1 to Madrid
  • FR23 - Paris Beauvais to Dublin T1
  • FR6874 - Barcelona El Prat to Dublin T1
  • FR7257 - Madrid to Dublin T1
  • FR3102 - Dublin T1 to Schiphol
  • FR816 - Dublin T1 to Edinburgh
  • FR3103 - Schiphol to Dublin T1
  • FR817 - Edinburgh to Dublin T1
  • FR142 - Dublin T1 to London Gatwick
  • FR143 - London Gatwick to Dublin T1

Sunday 17 September

  • FR3103 - Amsterdam to Dublin
  • FR3102 - Dublin to Amsterdam
  • FR1948 - Dublin to Frankfurt Hahn
  • FR1986 - Dublin to Nantes
  • FR7152 - Dublin to Santander
  • FR1949 - Frankfurt to Hahn Dublin
  • FR1987 - Nantes to Dublin
  • FR7153 - Santander to Dublin

On Saturday, the Commission for Aviation Regulation released a statement informing Ryanair customers that some of them may be entitled to compensation depending on how much notice they were given.

In the statement, they say: "If you have been affected by the Ryanair programme of flight cancellations you are entitled to a choice of refund or rerouting. Compensation may also be payable depending on the notice period Ryanair has given you."