Tesco using JobBridge to find 145 shelf stackers 10 years ago

Tesco using JobBridge to find 145 shelf stackers

Tesco Ireland has come under a lot of scrutiny from members of the public as it has begun to advertise ‘internships’ in shelf stacking.

Gone are the days when you could stroll into your local grocery, ask for a job and start stacking shelves before 12. Not anymore. If what we’re hearing is true then Tesco are now offering internships in ‘customer assistance’, however the job description reads as follows:


“The intern will gain practical experience in retail excellence in an exciting and fast moving environment. The role is to help our customers get what they want by filling shelves according to merchandising plans and ensuring that Customers do not have to queue.

"The intern will gain skills such as stock rotation, customer service skills, management of waste and damages and merchandising to plans routines. The intern will receive a full induction, Department specific training and Tesco Options training.”

Tesco wont be paying the ‘interns’ anything. Instead the successful applicants receive a massive €50 on top of their welfare payments. That’s extremely nice of Tesco, considering they posted a €4.35 billion (£3.8bn) before tax profit for the 12-month period ending February 2011.

So if you think you’re the guy (or gal) for one of the 145 internships across 17 different stores then check out the JobBridge scheme. Alternatively, you could just work for free. You wouldn’t be losing out on too much.


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