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01st Jul 2024

Paul Mescal explains how playing GAA helped him get picked for Gladiator II

Zoe Hodges

Paul Mescal rom-com

The first proper look was revealed today.

Ridley Scott’s Gladiator II is just four and a half months away from hitting the big screen here in the UK and fans are all saying the same thing after first look images were shared by Vanity Fair.

The sequel follows the story of Lucius who was last seen as the young son of Lucilla, played by Connie Nielsen in the original movie. Nielsen also returns in the sequel, playing one of the few true-life figures in the otherwise fictional ‘Gladiator’ storyline.

Fans took to X as excitement builds ahead of the film’s release on November 15th and all said the same thing.

On user wrote: “My girlfriend and I are both just as excited about this.” Whilst another user swooned over images of Paul Mescal who plays Lucius.

One user had some nerves over the follow-up saying: “Rewatched Gladiator the other day and it’s still amazing. Fingers crossed this is just as good.”

The trailer will be released on July 9th but one user shared the photos and said: “I’m already sold!”

Meanwhile, one fan joked that ‘Normal People’ season 2 looks strange, referring to the TV show where Mescal made his breakthrough.

In a first-look of the sequel to ‘Gladiator’ which was released in 2000, Vanity Fair spoke to Mescal and director and co-producer Ridley Scott.

Scott shared how he came across Mescal when watching a TV show that was wildly different from the upcoming film – his breakthrough performance as Connell Waldron in the romantic series ‘Normal People’ was what grabbed Scott’s attention.

Scott said: “When I watch anything, I tend to be clocking who’s interesting. It’s just in my DNA. And so, watching a TV show that’s not really my kind of TV show almost four years ago, I said, ‘Who’s this guy?’”

Scott went on to say that Mescal was a ‘special find’ and ‘absolutely perfect’ for the role.

The Irish actor believes his experiences playing Gaelic football as a child helped him bag the part.

He told Vanity Fair: “I wanted to get a flavour from him about what the story was going to be about, so we spent about 15 minutes talking about that, and then we spent another 10 minutes talking about the sport that I played growing up—Gaelic football. Maybe that was something that helped with it, in that I’m used to being physical in my body.”

The film will be released in cinemas on November 15th in the UK before being released in the US and Canada a week later.