10 of the best adventure races for adrenaline-seekers in Ireland this summer 4 years ago

10 of the best adventure races for adrenaline-seekers in Ireland this summer

'Tis the season to push your body to its limits and have a bit of fun while you're at it.

Completed Hell and Back at the weekend and found yourself wanting more?

Not to worry, because much like it has become a haven for big multinationals because of our corporate tax rates, Ireland has also become something of a haven for adventure races in recent years.

Througout the summer months in particular, barely a weekend goes past where there isn't some form of multi-discipline race taking place somewhere in the country; if you want a race and are prepared to travel, you'll find one.

Here are some of the best ones to look out for.

Hookamuck Challenge

Where: Battlestown, Hook Peninsula, Wexford
When: 27 June 2015
What is it? A 10k run through 200 acres of forestry, with more than 35 obstacles designed to test your physical mental strength and ability.


Pic via Hookamuck.ie

The 'muck' in the title isn't there for show either. You're going to get dirty... very dirty.

Event details and registration here.

Tipperary Mud run

Where: Ballycommon, Nenagh, Tipperary
When: 5 July 2015
What is it? Possibly the dirtiest thing you'll do this summer and that includes competitors with particularly interesting sex lives.


Pic via Facebook/Tipperary Mud Run

In all seriousness, it's 5km and 10km runs through 30 natural and artificial obstacles with more than enough water and mud to leave you covered in sh*te from head to toe on even the finest of days.

Event details and registration here.


Where: Kiltimagh, Mayo
When: 11 July 2015
What is it? A 40km race that combines running, cycling, wading through rivers and bogs and some of the toughest hills you'll encounter in the west of Ireland.


Pic via Facebook/RacetoGlory Kiltimagh

This year will be the fifth edition of the hugely popular event and there are relay and 20km sprint options for competitors who might not want to travel the entire 40km route.

Event details and registration here.

Tough Mudder

Where: Loughcrew Adventure Centre, Loughcrew Oldcastle, Meath
When: 11-12 July 2015
What is it? The world-renowned adventure race returns to Ireland and will push anyone brave enough to enter to their physical and mental limit.

Think of how Sister Assumpta punished Father Ted and Dougal and then multiply that by around 50 and you'll have an idea of how tough this race can be, but strange as it might sound, it's all a good laugh too.

Event details and registration here.

Lilliput Legend Adventure Race

Where: Lilliput Adventure Centre, Jonathan Swift Park, Mullingar, Westmeath
When: 18 July 2015
What is it? 25km or 65km of kayaking, running and cycling in the scenic surrounds of Lough Ennell, the Bog of Allen and Croghan Hill in Westmeath, with the distance depending on whether you're in the mood for a bad-ass, kick-ass, or mini-ass experience.


Pic via lilliputlegend.com

Whatever way you do it, you won't be disappointed.

Event details and registration here.

Moxie Adventure Race

Where: Tulfarris House, Blessington, Wicklow
When: 19 July 2015
What is it? An incredibly scenic adventure race consisting of running, cycling and kayaking over courses of 27km, 40km and 60km.

Event details and registration here.

The Beast of Ballyhoura Adventure Race

Where: Limerick, Cork and Tipperary
When: July 28 - August 3
What is it? As the title implies, this isn't a race for somebody out for a bit of a jog or a spin on a bike; this is serious business.

It involves teams of four racing for the guts of 72 hours over 450km (shorter course options available) and competing to win. Not for the faint of heart.

Event details and registration here.

Gaelforce West

Where: Westport, Mayo
When: 15 August 2015
What is it? The original and best Gaelforce, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

A challenging 67km course that involves running, cycling and kayaking in both Mayo and Galway and includes some of the best scenery that Connemara has to offer.

Event details and registration here.

Hard as OAK

Where: The Faughan Valley, Derry
When: 29 August 2015
What is it? Why it's only Ireland's hardest 10km challenge, of course.

As many as 50 obstacles will greet you on your way across the 10km course, from monkey ladders to cage crawls to the rather disturbing-sounding bum slider's descent.


Pic via Facebook/Hard as OAK

Event details and registration here.

Achill ROAR

Where: Achill Island, Mayo
When: 5 September 2015
What is it? Any excuse to go west to Achill is a welcome one and this is as good as any.

Offering courses for everyone from novices to experts, it involves some cycling, running and kayaking and it takes place in one of the most picturesque places in the entire country.


Event details and registration here.