Irish men get healthier and sexier as they age. They also live longer. 8 years ago

Irish men get healthier and sexier as they age. They also live longer.

Okay, so the Irish man may be considered one of the most hideous species in the European Union (their words, not ours) but where they falter in looks, they make up for in health.

The Irish Daily Star reports that a new survey has revealed that Irish men not only tend to live longer than their European counterparts – they’re also far healthier. Take that marginally attractive Germans and suave Italians!

Apparently if you manage to reach the grand old age of 65, you’ll still have at least twenty more years left in you. Why? Well apparently Irish people make great pensioners. Awesome.

While the majority of European men start to slow down and feel the strain of age once they hit the big 6-0, in Ireland, menfolk manage to retain that spark of youth on the inside, even if their faces have aged horrible. Irish men in their sixties are still just as full of life as they were when they hit their forties.

The survey, which was conducted by Eurostat, revealed that the Irish man will enjoy the seventh highest number of healthy years in later life, with no health limitations on reaching their sixties and beyond.

The only people healthier than us? Apparently men in Switzerland, Norway and Malta are in better shape than Irish men, but putting it all in perspective – the Irish man is still pretty damn healthy, to be fair. We’ll take what we can get.

So if you think that it’s all downhill after fifty, you might want to think again...

Apparently life starts once you hit the middle-aged mark, and if various reports are to be believed, Irish men not only get healthier as they age, they also get more attractive. Win/win situation!