JOE's workout mix: The best songs for your gym playlist 9 years ago

JOE's workout mix: The best songs for your gym playlist

In the first of a new series, a few of the JOEs in the office will come up with a new track that should be on your workout mix.

Every week, JOE's music gurus and fitness junkies will clash their heads together, and once the concussion has worn off, we'll pick ourselves up and have a chat about what songs should be pumping through your earphones in the gym or when you're out running.


It might not always be your cup of tea, but we'll do our best to be pretty diverse, from inspirational quotes to all round good tunes.

This week, we've decided to go with a Kat Krazy remix of Pompeii by Bastille, that will help you push on for that last set.

The beat is solid, which will keep you moving if you're on the treadmill, and when the breakdown drops on this one, you'll be giving that extra few per cent, trust us on that. Go hard, or go home.


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