There's a benefit gig tomorrow for Denise Ryan who has been "left with only one last treatment option" 5 years ago

There's a benefit gig tomorrow for Denise Ryan who has been "left with only one last treatment option"

 Please support this if you can.

Leaders of Men, Cry Monster Cry, Hawklion and Bairbre Anne will all play at a special benefit gig in Whelan's tomorrow night.


The funds raised will go to Dublin woman Denise Ryan, who is due to fly to Seattle later this month for a life-saving operation.

Denise has turned to crowdfunding in order to pay the €30,000 for the treatment, and amazingly she's raised over €27,000 so far.

Leaders of Men will play at the gig in Whelan's

Denise explained how she's reached this point on her GoFundMe page;

"Hi everyone. My name is Denise Ryan, I am 30 years old.

"I have had digestive and immune system  problems since birth, but these went undiagnosed so I never received the early treatment these infections require.


"They are not conditions that are readily recognised, yet they are very common and hinder many of us from thriving and having the healthy, happy lives we deserve.

"I moved to Canada for 4 years and had many mosquito and tick bites. I spent the last two years of my time there going to doctors and consultants, as the gut problems I had since childhood worsened. I had never even heard the word 'lyme' then."

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"I came home due to my illness getting out of control and and becoming systemic. I have spent another two years here begging doctors and hospitals for help. As I went so long without a diagnosis, things have progressed to a life threatening state.

"I have Lyme disease, pneumonia, Epstein-Barr virus, gastroparesis, chronic gastritis, candida, strep and clostridia infections, among other things. My immune system, organs, digestive and central nervous system are under constant attack.


"I'm completely debilitated and after countless doctors, specialists and thousands upon thousands of euro spent seeking answers all over Ireland, the UK and Canada, I am left with only one last treatment option.

"It is at a clinic in the US, but it's very expensive, due to the complexity of the cases they deal with. Treatment would involve months of IV medication, nutrients and other therapies."


"I wish for my life back. I wish to be with my friends, to work, to laugh out loud, to be able to see straight and not watch the world through a blurry surreal lens. And for the palsy, seizures, collapsing, vomiting, pain, burning, suffering and delirium to stop.


"As incredible as my friends have been, there is a suffocating fear and loneliness that accompanies being so incredibly ill. Repeating to yourself day and night that 'help will come, help will come, help will come', because surely, somehow, it has to?

"Money is such a horrible thing, but every donation however small is a tremendous help. It's a huge endeavour, but I have to try. I'm not giving up yet.

"Thank you so much for reading, Denise."

It's an incredible story of courage, bravery, grit and determination. The amount of money raised so far shows just how generous Irish people are when someone needs help.


You can help by going to the gig tomorrow night (Doors: 8pm, Tickets: €10) or by donating here.