This is the most dangerous drug in the world according to science 7 years ago

This is the most dangerous drug in the world according to science

What's the most dangerous drug in the world?

If you go off how much damage it can do to a person's life you might think something like heroin or crystal meth.


A drug classification system might lead you to think that crack cocaine could be up there due its frightening addictive qualities..

But while these Class A drugs can wreak terrible, terrible harm on people and societies, they still do not make it to the top spot of list of the world's most dangerous drugs.

The one substance considered to be more harmful that any other on the planet is actually alcohol.

Yes, alcohol. It's fun, it's legal and they dish it out to us by the bucket load in pubs, clubs and shops across the country.


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How is booze so dangerous and how did scientists come to the conclusion that it was worse than crack, heroin and crystal meth?

IFL Science cite two studies - one by the British Government's former chief drugs advisor David Nutt and another by European scientists - which looked at a range of factors.

It considered everything from the likelihood of dying, physical injury, addiction and brain function impairment to criminal activity and right up to the economic cost to the country, as well as the international damage in terms of political and societal destabilization.



Image credit: Lancet

But alcohol still comes out as the worst of the worst both in Britain and in Europe.

Around 3.3 million deaths every year are caused by the harmful use of alcohol, according to the World Health Organisation.


That's 5.9% of all deaths annually - which works out at a shocking one person every 10 seconds.