This simple trick will get rid of your neck pain in 60 seconds 3 years ago

This simple trick will get rid of your neck pain in 60 seconds

Neck pain is frustrating and debilitating...

Neck pain is one of the most commonly reported causes of discomfort, with a huge percentage of the population (some studies put it as high as 65%) suffering from it at some stage.


It can seriously affect your work and social life, as it's not just the physical discomfort of the neck pain itself, it can cause migraines or tingling and numbness in your arms.

While it's well known that the best way to treat neck pain in the first place is prevention by making sure your neck muscles are strong and flexible, obviously that isn't always an option.

While various methods have been proven to be effective such as icing, heat packs and pain killers, any persistent pain should be reported to your doctor as a precaution.

One method which could be useful for people who've been battling with neck pain for a while is this technique by Allyn Kakuk, DPT, a wellness physiotherapist with the Mayo Clinic.


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Step One: Find the sore spot. If it's on the right side of your neck, use your right hand and if it's on the left side, use your left hand.

Step Two: Using firm pressure, press into the painful area with your fingers. This may cause some discomfort but nothing unbearable. According to Kakuk, "It should be a good hurt that you can tolerate, not a sharp pain”.

If it's a difficult to reach spot, use a tennis ball to massage the area by using a wall for leverage.


Step Three: Turn you head slightly in the opposite direction of the cramp. Then bend your head diagonally as if you were trying to touch your head off your chin.

Step Four: Repeat the steps 20 times without a break. Then stretch your neck and upper back. Repeat the process several times throughout the day.