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Weight Watchers diary: Week 8
It's our first diary of the New Year and our two readers let us know how they got on after the exertions of the festive season.

It's our first diary of the New Year and our two readers let us know how they got on after the exertions of the festive season.

Name: Peter Cooney
Meeting: Thomas Davis GAA Club, Tallaght
Starting weight: 13 stone 13.5lbs
Current weight: 12 stone 11.5lbs

With the Christmas period well and truly over, I am still yet to discover the extent of the damage. I did manage to drag my chunky legs (I’ve massive calf muscles) to the scales in the house and to my delight it showed a consistent weight. However, there's a good chance I got absolutely locked and tinkered with it, so I won't really find out until next week when my class resumes.

Based on my current waist size and my need of a belt, I don't think the festive period was that bad. Keeping with the ProPoints programme was difficult, really difficult, but I remained conscious of what I was eating and drinking. Well, maybe not drinking.

I tried to track as much as was possible, but Christmas is such a hectic time and moving house didn’t help matters. I am a big boy now and I have taken my first independent steps by leaving home. There is no stopping me now.

My main issue over Christmas were Toffee Pennies. They should be banned. I’d say they’re even worse than a load of smokes and research shows a load of smokes is pretty awful.

After moving out of home, I am a big boy (in the metaphorical sense)


As Geraldine said before Christmas, having one sweet leads to another. Before I knew it I was cold, alone, naked and crying on the floor of my sitting room surrounded by empty Toffee Penny wrappers.

I was also quite bold, as I would consciously neglect to track everything I ate or drank. That way I could pretend to myself that the ProPoints wouldn’t add up and I could march on in blissful ignorance. I know deep down, the scales will get me. It will always get you. Mercy is not a word it knows. It's like an overbearing parent. It’s tough love, but ultimately you know the scales is always right and ultimately for your own good.

Anyway, as I leave you all this week, I can't quite comment on any weight loss (ha) or gain (probably), but next week there will be full disclosure and no punches held.

Name: Roger Wheeler
Meeting: Castle Arch Hotel, Trim
Starting weight: 15 stone 7.5lbs
Current weight: 14 stone 9lbs

Christmas and New Years have come and gone and have left me with the present of a weight gain of one pound.

I know it’s a small step back in my progress but if I was to be really honest with myself, I'm surprised that I was not up more than just one pound.

Over the Christmas period I tried to get some exercise in, but after being struck down with the flu for a few days, this was not an option. Now that I am back to full health and after getting the slightly disappointing news of the weight gain I'm back into the full swing of tracking, ProPointing, weighing my food portions and exercising.


New Year, new mindset

Well there's no point dwelling on the past and it’s onward and upward for the New Year. Next week’s goal is only a few days away and I must say I am feeling positive. This is mainly due to the amount of people who have commented on my weight loss over the Christmas, people who I haven't seen over a period of time asking if I was after losing weight.

Now it was only after hearing these comments that I realised that I must have been carrying those extra pounds, so that's even more of an incentive for me to continue to lose the rest of the excess weight.

So here we go. I know it’s a short one this week but I'm sure you don't want to hear all the ins and outs of what I ate and drank over the holidays so I'm going to sign off now and report in next week with, fingers crossed, a weight loss to start off the New Year.

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