Young people are growing horns on their skulls due to using their phones too much 3 years ago

Young people are growing horns on their skulls due to using their phones too much

That isn't even the worst part of it...

Listen, we all know we use our phones a tad too much.


From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, we're all probably hunched over our illuminated source of information and entertainment, but it turns out that on top of causing newfound levels of us all being particularly antisocial, they are causing a bizarre physical reaction in us, too.

The Washington Post reported that "New research in biomechanics suggests that young people are developing hornlike spikes at the back of their skulls — bone spurs caused by the forward tilt of the head, which shifts weight from the spine to the muscles at the back of the head, causing bone growth in the connecting tendons and ligaments."

Yep, apparently spending those hours with our necks bent downwards are causing us to grow horns... in the back of our skulls!

So we don't even have the cool kind that we can use to pretend we're the devil at Halloween.


Science Alert inform us that by "examining 1,200 X-ray images of adult Australians, the researchers found that 41 percent of those between 18 and 30 had developed these bone spurs, which is 8 percent more than the overall average.

"Some were only 10 millimetres long (0.4 inches) and barely noticeable, while others were up to 30 mm in length (1.1 inches), as the scientists described in their 2018 study."

If you're wondering if you are one of the unlucky that have more noticeable back-of-the-head horns, then apparently you can reach back and feel them yourself.



Thankfully, there is a way to stop them from getting any bigger, and it involves you correcting your posture and sitting up straight and raising the phone to eye level.

That won't make the current horns go away, but it will stop you from getting any ... hornier?

We shouldn't be making jokes, but it is the only thing we have left to stop us from crying...