Piers Morgan hit with backlash after Women’s World Cup final joke 6 months ago

Piers Morgan hit with backlash after Women’s World Cup final joke

Some labelled Morgan a ‘disgrace’ for the ‘patronising’ joke

Piers Morgan has prompted anger after he made a joke on social media about the Women’s World Cup final.


On Sunday morning, England took on Spain, with both nations making their first ever appearance in a World Cup final.

It was Spain who triumphed though, winning 1-0 and leaving the Lionesses heartbroken.

But, whilst most English fans shared how proud they were of the team and their achievement in becoming the first senior England side to reach a World Cup final since 1966, Piers Morgan decided to the time was right for a joke.

During the game, he posted on X: “Seem to be a lot of very over-emotional women on here right now. Calm down, it’s only a game of football… [crying with laughter emoji].”


The comments sparked anger from many, with one person responding:  “What in the world is wrong with you? If you wouldn’t write this after a men’s final don’t write it after a women’s final. Losing or winning a world cup final is a big moment in someone’s life. People are allowed to have emotions.”

Another said: “Why is it over-emotional when it’s women’s football?”


A third labelled Morgan an “absolute disgrace,” whilst others described the joke as “patronising” and “chauvinistic.”

But some said the response to the joke was exactly what Morgan was looking for.

When one person pointed out that “men are emotional about football, and not told to calm down,” someone replied: “That’s literally the joke.”


After the final, Morgan tweeted: “BREAKING: Our women can’t bring it home either. Good effort @Lionesses but the better team won. Congrats to Spain.”

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